Tuesday, 20 October 2009

MMR given by mistake? I think not.

A new poster (*cough* SOCKPUPPET *cough*) has posted the following on JABS today:

My beautiful little 3 year old girl has just been given the MMR vaccine instead of the pneumococcal and she's already had the 3 x single jabs for MMR which we've travelled many hours back and fourth and paid out a lot of money to have them singly.

I'm devistated. We chose not to have the MMR and the surgery are well aware of our decision and have on numerous occasions talked to us about it.

Not only has the decision we made now been taken away from us, but our little girl now has the MMR inside her and I can't understand how a mistake like this has happened!

I'm at a low.

I don't know what to do next - any ideas?

First of all, this sounds very unlikely.

Let's see - a doctor gets the wrong vaccine to give a child? Without thinking he just sticks the closest needle to hand into your a three year old? I think not.

To me this stinks of sock puppet, a scare designed to drum up fear in parents.

However, Mr "DelMonte" - presumably you said "yes" to the injection? - if this is actually a true story, I'd suggest you calm down, watch your little girl grow up healthy, in fifteen years wave her off to University, safe in the knowledge that she's safe from nasty diseases that could be passed onto her in that hall of residence she's living in, from her next door neighbour whose parents were so moronic that they didn't get her vaccinated.

Now then - life's a bit better now, isn't it?

(Oh - I'm guessing this is Truth Seeker, given the abysmal spelling…)

Edit: Tellingly, the first reply is from… Truth Seeker. Funny that. His reply? Well it's much the same as mine, but costs more money and sounds like it's coming from the mouth of a brainless arsehole.

If it were me i would buy the MMR nosode from either Helios or Ainsworths homeopathic pharmacy. 200C potency and give 1 tablet a day for at least a week.

So - do nothing.

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