Monday, 26 October 2009

Please read this

Peter Bowditch, of fame has a page on his site showing highlights from his ten year battle for sanity with the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). The AVN are the Australian ("NO! I Don't believe it!" I hear you cry, sarcastically) equivalent of JABS ("Now I really don't believe it!!" you scream), but possibly more mental ("Becky, you're making this up!!").

Well - see for yourself - please read this:
Peter Bowditch v AVN.

Warning for the squeamish: Peter has posted some pictures of the results of vaccine-preventable diseases. They're not pretty. Personally, I'm tempted to send them to every anti-vaxer I can think of, with a big red label, saying "Look what you want to happen." Now, where's Fletcher's email address..?

Peter Bowditch deserves a knighthood.


KWombles said...

I have read this. :-) Oh, and whenever I need a chuckle, I look at the right and your number one google searches concerning Stone. I admire your moxie.

Becky said...

I didn't know my moxie was showing!

*looks it up*

Oh - I see. ;-)