Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Handy get-out clause

That dribbling fool Truth Seeker has posted, in response to a question about how long it takes for adverse effects to show after a measles jab.

Hi, there are no time limits for how long it can take for adverse reactions to show up from vaccinations, it can be immediate or can take years or anything in between.

Which is just a handy way of saying "Any illness that befalls you for the rest of your life I'm going to blame on vaccines."

That's because the arguments at JABS aren't based on any scientific evidence - just blind faith. Anti-vax is a religion to a lot of these idiots.

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KWombles said...

Came across your site through Orac. I like your style. If you haven't run across a blog called Even Dumbasses Have Feelings run by a Thelma and Louise duo, I have a feeling you'd like their moxie. I have students reading my site, so I tend to not be quite as blunt as these women. :-) It's at www.evendumbasseshavefeelings.blogspot.com.