Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More morons

It seems that JABS has quietened down once more, and is simply the refuge of the feeble minded and the easily led sheep. No Gus the Fuss spouting his incomprehensible nonsense, John Stone's more interested in his unholy matromony with loony anti-vax lawyer Clifford Miller on their "ChildHealthSafety" site, and of course no Cybertiger, who's lying very low since he was sacked from his GP job. (Was I the only one to look up when the news that "Bedfordshire GP dies of Swine 'Flu" came through?)

However, there are still morons floating around (as well as Suba and Rosemary - who's still posting any mental "research" she can find - I don't know what she's trying to prove).

MissParker writes:

I was in the same boat during my pregnancy. Then I started reading. And I read some more. And I am still reading and searching for information, even though I have already decided never to vaccinate my son.

So, MissParker, you decided not to vaccinate, then you do some reading. And no matter what reading you do, nothing's going to change your mind. Not even if you get pointed towards sensible sources of information, rather than JABS, NaturalNews, Mercola and AgeOfAutism. Because you've already made up your mind.

You see, really open-minded people also read. They read everything they can, looking for things that challenge their viewpoint, not (and this is crucial) things that support their predetermined viewpoint. They look for holes in research, they look for bias, they look for problems in all the research and news. They don't do what John "Cock" Stone does, and look for holes in reports that don't support him, while unthinkingly embracing and accepting any piece of shit that does support him.

MissParker and lou3 (who came up with a similar post) - please constantly rethink your position (as really open-minded people do all the time) - don't simply decide on a position, then look for information which props that position up. Think from a genuinely open-minded position - not that of an easily led half-witted sheep.

(If it helps, remember - most alternative medicine sites are trying to sell you something.)


Steve said...

Cybertiger lost his appeal (Shame)

Becky said...

Oh thank you!