Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's not rocket science - oh, wait…

Some of the real lunacy at JABS at the moment is based on anecdotes about supposed bad reactions to Gardasil and Cervarax - the anti-cervical cancer vaccinations. Obviously a lot of it is "I'm not giving this to my daughter, it's not been tested properly", "It's just a big money maker for Glaxo" etc nonsense, but this piece from Suba (who else?) is inspired stupidity.

Aluminium is common to Cervarix and Gardasil. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening here although it would help. Aluminium is used as a fuel to send rockets into space…

Ashley mentioned explosions going on in her blood vessels. Hmmmmmm what could that be I wonder

Apparently aluminium in vaccines (for which there's no evidence that this causes any kind of harm, incidentally) can actually cause your blood to explode!!!

AAAAARGH!! Presumably because it can be used in saucepans, it's also turning your blood into a nice tomato and basil sauce, ideal for pouring over pasta.


John H said...

Maybe Suba the Twat should sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

Oh, hang on a minute . . . .

The highest contribution to aluminium in the diet is from:
* tea
* cereal crop based foods such as breads and certain cakes and pastries
* some vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products may naturally contain aluminium
* Drinking water represents a minor source of exposure

So a nice cup of tea, a ham salad sandwich and a few cakes should in theory set your blood exploding (at least according to STT).

Odd that I missed that last time I had afternoon tea.

Aluminium is poisonous. However we never come into contact with "pure" aluminium as it oxidises immediately. Thus our pots and pans.

Napoleon had an aluminium dinner service as it was considered posher than gold or silver. No record of him dying from arterial explosions.

It is actully explosive in granular form and really is used as a rocket fuel. It can burn like fuck - which is why HMS Sheffield burnt so quickly in the Falklands war.

The ability of these morons to take a sort of scientific "fact" (I use the word lightly)and distort it beyond the realms of sanity is a delight to behold.

You just know that Suba is the sort of cretinous fuckwit who will be warning us about dihydrous monoxide and how deadly chlorine is present in ALL TABLE SALT.

John H said...

Just in case poor Ashley happens to read this I will add the bit I left of the previous post.

Her dreadful exploding blood vesels are unlikely to be caused by aluminium detonations.

Her normal body temperature is probably around 98.6F.

Aluminium melts at about 1220F and burns at about 4560F.

It is probably safe to say that the temperature of an aluminium explosion is towards the upper end of that range (if not actually higher).

As this is roughly half of the surface temperature of the sun
I think she is probably not suffering from detonating arteries.

Other people would probably notice.

However this does not change the fact (a real one this time) that Suba is a genuine twat. In fact he transcends twatiness in a way that is almost a joy to behold (were it not for the fact that some gullible jabbophobe might take notice of him and his pig ignorant rants).

Bill said...

These people must be some of the thickest known to mankind.

Anonymous said...

They're right about one thing rocket fuel and space and it isn't the content of any vaccine that has anything to do with it, it's them, they're all away with the fairies!

I wish somebody would stick them all in a rocket and send them out there, never to return.

Andrew Wakefield has more than the GMC to answer to, he should be charged with misfeasance in public office!