Monday, 13 July 2009

Reality / Fiction

They've lost it over at JABS. "Karen" posted the following over the weekend;

Did anyone see Torchwood last night...about the government lying about jabs?Very interesting

Karen - I hate to break it to you, but Torchwood is not a "fly on the wall" documentary series… ;-)


adverse said...

hey. I think you LOVE this OINK OINK.

Just got this email from a friend in
This may be cobblers . . . but better safe than sorry..

Pass on to anyone who may be offered a swine flu jab

>Hi everyone!

>Anyone that knows me well will know that I don't believe in much. I don't believe in ghosts or all that, and if I get one of those "Pass this email on to 50 million people and you will be rich, if you don't you will die etc etc" emails, I just delete them. I want you all to pass this email on to as many people as you know, its not a chain email, but pass it on all the same.

>Right then, I got home from work last night and went round to my best mates. The first words his mum said to me even before she said hello was "don't get the swine flu Jab".

>She explained to me that a woman from her work was in Birmingham on saturday afternoon, and she was in one of those cash and carry warehouses where you can buy cheap stuff, and anyway, there was an guy in a white lab coat in front of her who was struggling to get enough money together to pay for everything in his basket, so she gave him a pound coin so he could pay the 68p or whatever he owed.

>When she left the shop he was waiting for her outside. He asked her for her name and address and said that he would give her the money back, but she told him not to worry about it. He then said "Ok, you have done me a good turn today so I shall do you one back, dont get the Baxter Flu shot when it comes out"

>She didn't take much notice of him, but like me, the more she thought about it, the more she worried, so she looked Baxter up on google ( ) and found that they are being investigated on biowepon charges in europe after sending Deadly birdflu conatminated vaccines to europe.
>they were only found out after a lab Ferret died. really scarry stuff.

>So, i'm just warning you, if you or offered the experimental flu vaccine be very carful,
wasn't going to send this because I didn't want to worry people/look stupid when nothing happened , but I thought that if I didn't say anything and something happened then I would never forgive myself, so its worth the risk of looking a bit daft.


>Please pass this on to anyone you think might be offered a jab.

Becky said...

No. Not "better safe than sorry". This is moronic scaremongering, you idiot.

John H said...

The guy in the white coat must have been one of those New York Jews who advised kindly people to avoid the WTC becuase its planned destruction was a Mossad/CIA conspiracy.

Bleedin obvious innit.

This crap falls over at the first hurdle. How many lab researchers go shopping in their lab coats. None.

At least the Baxter fuck up was discovered because of the monitoring and regulatory compliance. No such monitoring applies to all the contaminated Chinese weedist shit on sale or the echinacea bollox laced with lead.

But, slap me with a kipper, I forgot that they are natural products.

Anonymous said...

My first though when watching Torchwood and they started the vaccination cover story was "So where's Jackie Fletcher?"

John H said...

What's even worse is that that five episode Torchwood was a complete load of crap.

Not as crap as the crap on JABS but crap all the same.

And I hope that when the spooks blew up the Torchwood lair they blew up that crap Chinese restaurant on the waterfront. Worst chilli squid I have ever eaten. That was crap as well.

adverse said...

I really hope you have had your HPV and your yearly flu jab , don't forget MMR cos the mumps component is so shite,, i'd hate for you to catch it and infect any footballers.
tetnus is really worry to. please be safe i'd hate anythink to happen to 2 u.
what has happened to jabz didnt Karl renew the subscription to nominet or perhaps some loon reported to the service provider.

by the way the the email was made up appart from the accidental discovery that a biowepon got in the kake mix and was discovery by a "muppets Beeker grade lab tech" ...OINK OINK