Friday, 27 November 2009

JABS poster in "Fuckwitted Ignorance" shock

Seonaid has posted this gem:

I'd think long and hard before going for the swine flu shot if I were you. This vaccine has been rushed through production without proper testing - it contains thimerosal [50% mercury] and a toxic adjuvant called squalene - use of which is supposed to be illegal in this country.

How many ways can you be wrong?

The swine 'flu vaccine has not been "rushed through", and it's been tested at least as thoroughly as seasonal 'flu vaccine. Squalene is not toxic - it's produced naturally in the body - and it's not illegal. I've ignored the thimerosal non-sequiteur, as it's been shown time and time again to not be dangerous at the levels found in vaccines.

Fucking idiot.

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KWombles said...

Becky, John Stone sure doesn't appreciate it when someone links to your site! Have you done any work on showing that ChildHealthSafety is inaccurate and would you be willing to crosspost over to Countering if you have (would you be willing to do some digging if you haven't?)?



Comment I made at Huff that got him and ChildHealthSafety all riled up:

Commented Dec 04, 2009 at 09:16:13 in Living



Oh, and I have dealt with the content of ChildHealthSafety. So has my friend Thelma.”