Monday, 16 March 2009

Andrew Wakefield tries to fend off the fact that he's a liar

The anti-vax-o-sphere has been awash over the last couple of days with the news that "Saint" Andrew Wakefield has made acomplaint to the Press Complaints Commission about the article in the Sunday Times (note to overseas readers: It's the "Sunday Times", not the "Sunday Times Of London". Just the "Sunday Times") that alleged that Dr Wakefield FALSIFIED THE DATA that lead to the 1998 study. That's the study that was published in "The Lancet", and subsequently retracted by nearly all its co-authors. Basically, the allegation was that DR ANDREW WAKEFIELD LIED. Given the potentially massive financial gains he stood to make if MMR was discredited, I can believe that.

Of course, as soon as the Sunday Times published this, the usual cock-end suspects leapt from the woodwork to discredit Mr Deer's reporting. John "Cock" Stone, Age of Fucking Autism (AoFA), JABS, fucking everyone. Interestingly, they didn't focus on the important point (that Wakefield HAD MADE IT ALL UP and had FALSIFIED HIS RESULTS for FINANCIAL GAIN; rather, they bleated on about the fact that Brian Deer had found this out by having access to documents that they claimed he shouldn't've had. Despite the fact that they'd been brought into the open in the GMC hearing against Wakefield.

So, faced with these career-destroying allegations, what does Wakefield do?

Well, it seems that he's spent a month or so writing A 58 page complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. The PCC, who can give a paper a slap on the wrists for unethical behaviour.

Interestingly, he hasn't instructed solicitors to go after the Sunday Times with the full force of England's not insubstantial libel laws - if someone printed untrue allegations about me that would destroy my career, that's what I'd do. But no. He contacts the PCC, and then… get this… issues a fucking press release about it.

So, you can see the thoughts going on in the mind of this fraud. Press release about complaint gets splashed all over the internet and (hopefully) supportive and gullable print media, complaint gets laughed out by PCC, silence. It then appears that he wins. It costs him nothing to complain to the PCC, avoids actual real allegations, and makes him look like the "maverick doctor, fighting for truth" that he wants to be.

When actually he's a fraud, a liar (he also repeats the untrue allegation that Brian Deer is the original complainant to the GMC) and a quack.

There's stuff on this at JABS but I can't even be bothered to quote the shit there any more.

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John H said...

Look woman.

If you don't shovel the shit for us we will have to do it ourselves and that is totally unacceptable.

You are our oven glove into the oven of stupidity.

They actually call Wackfraud "dear Andy" as if the mendacious fradulent child-abusing bastard is some sort of messiah who will lead them to the land of milk and honey.

Pass the sick bag Alice. urrrrghhh