Sunday, 29 March 2009


Minority View gets more of an arse every time she posts on JABS.

"Advice3" has made some comment,

The position often stated in this forum is that the decline of measles etc was due to better sanitation and hygiene, and not vaccination.

This is true. The JABS position has always been that measles deaths have been on the decline, and so measles would have died out without vaccination. The truth is somewhat different, as I outlined in my last post.

Minority View now agrees with me.

You dudes really cannot get things straight, can you?

Decline in measles, no. Decline in measles deaths, yes.

Just look at the rate of measles deaths in U.S. in 50s and compare to rate of measles deaths in Africa. Were all the children vaxed against measles in the U.S. in 1950? No. Did they die by the 100s of thousands? No.

But this may be too subtle a concept.

No, MV. It's not "too subtle a concept" - we understand that. Measles mortality has dropped dramatically, mainly due to, as you say, improved hygiene, better medical care, antibiotics etc. Measles incidence has dropped dramatically due to vaccination.

What may be too subtle a concept for you, is what's mind-fuckingly obvious to the rest of us;

If death from measles has dropped to such a low level - say, one in 10,000 - then if thanks to vaccination the actual number of children infected is in single, or the low double figures, then the number of deaths will be zero. Or maybe one in ten years.

If, however, you don't vaccinate, and every child gets measles, at that such low level, we'll have ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred deaths a year. And that's deaths. Kids are left permanently disabled due to measles and mumps. Yes, they may well be kids with reduced immune function - but if you vaccinated all the kids around them, they wouldn't be exposed to measles in the first place. YOU MORON! But you don't actually care, do you? You, Stone, Fletcher - you don't care about real children, dead children, do you? No. You care about proving your vile pseudo-science point. You've been shown to be wrong again and again - but you can't let it lie. And children will die because of you. You evil witch.

Now - how difficult is that?

Minority View, and all those who support her witterings, WANT CHILDREN TO DIE.

Anti-vaccinators should be retitled as "advocates of lethal diseases".


millipede said...

No I don't think they actually want children to die.
They are just incapable of comprehending that would be the result of not vaccinating.

Becky said...

They've had it explained to them in words of one and two syllables enough times. They know full well their position will lead to dead children, and yet they refuse to do anything about it, preferring to deny it.

John H said...

Nor are they much cop at reading graphs.

The graph in the posting below this one shows the benefit of vaccination beyond all reasonable doubt.

Of course the words "reasonable" and "jabbophobe" are rarely found in the same sentence (or indeed universe).

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting if MV could actually propose a valid mechanism for how Measles deaths could decline despite infection rates remaining constant; improved sanitation and hygeine would be a valid prosal, though not in a country where such changes would be slight and immeasurable. MV knows that Advice3 has backed her into a corner and her steafast refusal to answer the simplest of questions is telling.