Friday, 13 March 2009

How vile can you get?

Seonaid is trying to pin not only the Albertville massacre on big Pharma, but Dunblaine too, then, not content with blaming medication, tries to spin it into an unconfirmable conspiracy theory.

Could this possibly be yet another SSRI antidepressant story?

It is rumoured that Thomas Hamilton - Dunblane massacre - was taking prozac. Some results of that particular inquest are to remain sealed for 100 years.

Rumour, conjecture and lies - that's the whole anti vax line. Co-opting a massacre just to support your lunatic conspiracy theories - that's just fucking evil.

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millipede said...

Apparently they are moderating comments now, so we won't see any more drunken ramblings from gus or smarmy adolescent insults from Cyber tiddles.