Thursday, 5 March 2009

Teh vaccines makes you a gayer!

"Sam" is obviously going to be a big player in the JABS community, being a raging homophobe, science free, and a paranoid conspiracy merchant.

If we observe what is happening in society today in particular in the US and UK we have an increased exposure to a gay is good agenda with even homosexual male couples being allowed to adopt children. It appears to seamlessly tie in here with vaccine ingredients likely to contribute to increased male homosexual tendencies.

Yes, you heard it here first. Vaccines make you gay.


John H said...

One can only assume that Mrs Wilde was not a jabbophobe and had her son Oscar vaccinated.

It's bleedin obvious innit.

John H said...

I was looking for that fruitcake in the jabbophobes nest but gave up in a rather wearied state of despair.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

I know becky does not like references to the jabbophobes but this is a good one:

It does not even have anything to do with vaccination FFS. Some daft cow at odds with her doctor (who she doesn't trust anyway because the doctor is BIG PHARMA) because the medico wants her kid to have an inhaler (mostly because the kid can't breath).

She won't give the kid an inhaler on the grounds that """These are heavy drugs""".

Buttsie (who appears to be still alive) makes a perfectly sensible comment.

Then the shitstorm of incoming woo hits the fan.

Some twat called Lola says """the doctor tired to "sell" the treatment""" (she meant "tried").

Some twat called Janet pops up with a complete red herring.

Some twat called Laura makes a meaningless contribution apropos nothing in particular.

Jabba (who is a twat) says (and this is probably my favourite) """They are trying to get him hooked on Pharma drugs from a young age.""".

Joan (who is also a twat) gets the concentrated woo in with """I would bring him to a homeopath""" followed up with anecdatal crap.

Angladrion (who is manifestly a twat) points Worried Mum in the direction of a shitload of pseudoscientific crap.

All on one page in the course of a few hours.

And Worried Mum ends up saying that the pharma shill/troll doctor has found out the kid probably has something wrong with it's kidneys.

What kind of fruitcake would go into the jabbophobes nest looking for medical advice - when she ha salready had it from someone who did seven years in med school and has been practising for however long.

My remote bio-dowsing energetic psychological powers tell me that she is brain dead.

(Bugger - I overdid "twat" again. Never mind).

Cyberbollox never commented - but he is a twat as well.

Becky said...

It appears that this post was too homophobic and generally mad even for JABS, and has been removed.

John H said...

It is hard to believe that something was too mental for JABS.