Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hilary Butler "Liar" claim asked on JABS

It appears someone has decided to ask on JABS whether the liar claims put forward for Hilary "Angladrion" Butler are true.


I grabbed a screenshot, just in case it, as an awkward question, gets "lost" from the JABS database in one of their seemingly more and more regular "upgrades".

Fucking liars.

Edit: Ooh - that witless moron "Truth Seeker" has already replied:

As the Big Pharma and the government have been found out to lie, decieve and covered up many things such as bad drug trials how can we trust them which is a far more important question
In the case of smallpox you can do your own historical research and come to your own conlusions i would have thought.

Ooh (again) - and so has "Jabba" - an ironic name if ever there was one…

Pharma trolls must not make allegations against jabs parents.

Is that a rule now? No allegations - even if they're true?

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Minority said...

Hi Becky,
I don't think your tone is very persuasive. Perhaps offering some facts and data in a polite tone would work better?