Saturday, 14 March 2009

John Stone - "paranoid" doesn't even come close…

John Stone has lost it big style. Already known for his loathing for The Guardian's "Bad Science" writer Dr Ben Goldacre, he's really gone off on one over a comment made in the NHS Blog Doctor blog.

"Dr John Crippen", the author of the blog has posted an interesting piece about, and video of Dr Goldacre's appearance on the "London Tonight" television programme, pointing out how dangerous LBC's Jeni Barnett was when she broadcast an hour long anti MMR vaccine rant.

He's also posted a couple of links to other blogs which discuss the making of the piece, and how a reference made to "radioactive paedophiles" at the end of the piece had to be removed. The story about a "radioactive paedophile" is here. Having watched the video, it's clear that the reference to the story was intended to show how the press sensationalises science, turning anything it can into a scare story.

All very reasonable.

However, that pointless dickhead John Stone doesn't see it like that. He sees the reference to "radioactive paedophiles" as a personal attack on him and the rest of the JABS crowd.

I see the latest thing from him is that we are "radioactive paedophiles"

This is outrageous paranoia, and narcissism. It's also potentially libellous; no-one's calling anyone a paedophile, radioactive or otherwise. This is pointed out to Stone by a couple of posters, interestingly, including "jabba" - a staunch anti vaxer - who also posts the text of the actual "radioactive paedophile" story I linked to above. He finishes his post with one of the most sensible things anyone's ever said on JABS;

Lighten up John. Not everything is about you.

John "Me me me me me" Stone's not having this though. He retorts;

I have no doubt that this is where the epithet "radioctive paedophile" comes from but it is a pretty obscure reference, and I didn't suggest Crippen invented the term. Crippen used it in the context of people who expressed reservations about the vaccine programme. This is hate rhetoric. It is no use you and Advice 3 pretending that he didn't say it, or didn't mean it.

Advice3 points out to him how idiotic he looks;

"This is hate rhetoric. It is no use you and Advice 3 pretending that he didn't say it, or didn't mean it." has nothing to do with vaccination; your attempts at distortion and spin are making you look rather sad.

Jabba continues;

If you are going to refute them it is incumbent for you to understand what they are saying.
If you are really convinced that Goldacre called you a radioactive paedophile, then you should file a complaint with London tonight, or consult a solicitor.

Stone appears to realise that he's made himself look a bit silly, and starts wriggling;

The phrase wasn't used on London Tonight and it was not used against me personally so that is an absurd suggestion. There isn't much of a clue to what "radioactive paedophiles" is about, but it come at the head of a piece about people who doubt the safety of MMR, so it is evidently a piece of atmospherics.

Stone, you cock, there's every clue as to what "radioactive paedophiles" is about - there's a link to the story, and if you read the text in the link about the making of the piece, and actually bothered to watch the video, you'd realise that it's not got anything to do with you, you self important, pompous TWAT. Do you think anyone really wants to give you the oxygen of publicity? No. You're a fucking moron who realises it's all going horribly wrong, but you'll keep bleating until you're blue in the face, because you can't possibly admit that your only reason for existing is a tissue of lies, idiocy and fabrications.


Norbury said...

He really is paranoid isn't he? Kind of sad really, I suggest he goes to his GP and ask what he can get to cure stupidity.

John H said...

You do have to admit that "radioactive paedophile" was a story made in heaven from the point of view of the Daily Mail.

The only issue would be whether the "radioactive paedophile" caused cancer or cured it.

Anonymous said...

Becky you do really need to have a look at One Click (AKA one prick) because the "let's all bay at the full moon" conspiracy theories goes way beyond MMR in fact way out of the galaxy!

A certain psychologist is claiming that she has "been hounded out by big pharma" actually she was hounded out by her alcoholic gambling addicted husband who spent all her money and bankrupted her!

Of course her husband's nicj name could have been big pharma ......?

Becky said...

Ooh - righty ho Penny - I'll take that as a "Becky, please spew vitriol over those lying bastards at One Click" plea… Watch this space…