Saturday, 28 February 2009

Smallpox - not dangerous, apparently

JABS never ceases to amaze me. As soon as anyone actually posts some sensible information on there, whether relating directly to vaccines, or medicine in general, they're jumped on, verbally abused, have every nutter who thinks he or she knows about medicine or statistics, or has their own pet theory that they've been incubating for the last ten years call on them for more and more and more evidence (and then that evidence, when supplied, is denounced as worthless for some ludicrous made-up reason, or it's flatly stated that it's wrong.

However, when some nutcase (Suba) posts something like this;

You do not have to fear smallpox, even if you should develop it, as long as you immediately quit eating and go to bed and rest, drinking pure water only when thirsty. Smallpox is a disease of the bon-vivant, epicurean, who overeats on a daily basis, especially on animal foods. The condition of enervation is built by anyone who does not secure sufficient rest and sleep to permit the elimination of endogenic and exogenic toxins, and for the restoration of the nervous system. Once the stage of enervation is established digestion is further impaired and the body is flooded with fermentation and decomposition products from the intestines. This is what is called Toxemia, and Toxicosis. Toxicosis makes it exigent and imperative that these toxins be eliminated immediately by extraordinary means, such as through the skin.

Every single cell in your body is capable of eliminating and destroying various microorganisms and their waste products, as well as man-made organic products, but most man-made products are more toxic than those made by bacteria and they cause more damage than bacterial waste products. It can be disastrous when the body is overwhelmed by substances that do not belong inside it, and which the body cannot use under any circumstance of life. And this is what happens when diseases are "treated." Your body is inundated with toxic substances and it may drown.

then not a word is said.

Obviously it doesn't need pointing out that every word of the above quote is just utter, utter shit. Smallpox is one of the most lethal conditions known to man - going to bed, stopping eating and drinking just water is going to do you no good at all.

They're fucking nutters. I'd've thought that that liar Hilary Butler would've had something to say about this - but no. The rule at JABS seems to be "stick together, no matter how deranged you are". So long as you're anti-vax, you can spout all kinds of shit. Fortunately this isn't likely to actually affect too many people - it's an extreme example - but they'll post equally incoherent crap about more relevant stuff (vaccines, antibiotics, the dangers of measles), and some of it might just be believed.

The BBC still link to these people occasionally…

For anyone who would like to do some simply explained reading on Smallpox, Wikipedia has a good, simply explained article.


millipede said...

its so stupid its beyond belief.

John H said...

That has to be the most outrageously and spectacularly stupid comment I have ever read, even by the extreme levels of stupidity set by the jabbophobes.

It is so unbelievably stupid and crass that I am prepared to give the moron who posted it the benefit of the doubt and assume that they confused smallpox with chickenpox.

If they actually meant smallpox then they are cretinous beyond description.

A crippling and seriously disfiguring illness which has killed billions of people is shrugged off by this twat as if it is a common cold.

Words fail me.

Be interested to know what Struthers thinks of this comment. Even a fuckwit like him should disassociate himself from this garbage.

On the positive side this fruitcake is hardly likely to ever get smallpox as it has been eradicated globally. Rather like the christian rapture or the jehovah witlesses armageddon getting smallpox is pretty much a zero probability event.

Ant the reason it has gone is errrr, ummmmm remind me again. Oh yes, vaccination, I remember now.

Not weedism, h-y pixy dust, needling, bio-energetic bollox or any other form of hokum but the original grandaddy of vaccination.

Thanks Becky. You ruined my Sunday now as well !

John H said...

I obviously have to take back my benefit of the doubt in the previous post. The insane moron who is Suba really did mean smallpox.

I sometimes wonder about the psychology of the nutters who post on the jabbophobe sites. No matter what happens they seem to be so resilient in their faith (and I use the word in its purest form as jabbophobia does appear to be an article of faith).

Orac sums it up very well:

“””Given their cultish certainty that, no matter what the science says, it absolutely, positively has to be the vaccines causing autism, they can never retreat, never surrender, and, above all, never, ever even entertain the possibility for a minute that their most fervent belief is based on the scientific equivalent of smoke and mirrors.”””

• Wakefield is a crook – never mind, soldier on.
• Omnibus cases thrown out – never mind, soldier on.
• No epidemiological evidence whatsoever from multiple proper studies – never mind, soldier on.
• No causal mechanism found – never mind, soldier on
• Whatever we said it was that has now been removed so it cannot be that – never mind, soldier on, dream up some new causal factor.

It doesn’t seem to matter what evidence is placed in front of them. Aided and abetted by what is almost a reasonably sized enterprise on the ship of fools that is the internet they just carry on with their delusional thinking.

I recognise that a lot of the JABS contributors probably have autistic children and are making the correlation/causation conclusion. It is sad that their children are autistic but their reaction seems to be so single minded and at odds with the evidence that it is senseless.

I think that many of them seem to suffer in the same way that disturbed or psychotic teenagers behave when they go postal and take out their classmates. I suffered so now I want everybody else to suffer. In the same way that disturbed teenagers would destroy the world if they could hit the right button the jabbophobes want to see all other children suffer because they/their children have suffered. You hurt me so now I am going to kill all of you.

Struthers motivation would seem to be somewhat different. I think in his heart of hearts he knows that so much of this stuff is total bollox – for example his comments on the smallpox thread are revealing because he never actually agrees with the jabbophobes. He merely posts snide comments about the “sensible” contributors like Occam, VaccineBoy etc (a sample being “so you are an expert on epidemiology are you then” – like he is !). I suppose even a twat medic like him could hardly agree that smallpox was best cured with a few days rest and was mostly caused by emaciated African children eating too much Beef Wellington and moules a la creme (which is what Suba seems to think is the causal factor – but as we all know Suba is a twat as well).

Although he posts on the BMJ site as well, there he is merely a tiny insignificant cog in a big array of big wheels, many of whom are significantly his senior (in terms of position, professorships, research etc). As he is merely a piddling body-mechanic from a poxy little town in the middle of a brickfield I think his motivation is to feel superior to the mad contributors (with Gus taking the biscuit as the maddest. He does remind me of the Blackadder reference in that he is “madder than Mad Jock McMad, winner of last year’s Mr Mad competition”.) and to lend himself a spurious air of authority which he can hardly glean elsewhere in his sad little life.

I suppose he does have his own agenda (which is slightly orthogonal to the JABS agenda) in his dislike of Meadows etc but I wonder why he feels the need to trumpet it in such a vile little forum.

Hopefully I will manage to post on here one day without having to use the word “twat”, although I doubt it.