Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Angladrion is a liar

Angladrion, better known as New Zealand Anti-Vaccination loon Hilary Butler has been desperately trying to show off how important she is, and how clever she is to be able to misinterpret statistics by banging on about how smallpox vaccination didn't help eradicate smallpox.

She starts off by asking a load of irrelevant questions, most of which imply that because vaccination science in the 19th and early 20th century was somewhat crude, vaccination science today is equally crude.

Most of the questions are comprehensively dealt with on a Bad Science thread about them.

When a couple of posters (including the marvellous Occam) point out that most of her questions are pointless, or ask her with a sigh "Go on then - show us how clever you are Hilary, do tell us…", she proceeds to flatly refuse, explaining that:

I will not be giving you any answers to those questions, now or in the future. In your role, you should know all those answers, and it's not my job to educate you. I have better things to do.

OK - so, unusually for an anti-vaxxer, in this instance she doesn't want to "educate" people… I suggest the reason she won't explain is that she either knows her hypotheses and "research" findings could be ripped to shreds my anyone with a smattering of critical thinking or knowledge of the subject, or she doesn't actually have any evidence for her mad theories about smallpox vaccination.

However, to "prove" that she does know what she's talking about, and how important she is, she goes on to bang on at great length about some conference she claims to have given a paper at, around twenty years ago. When questioned about this, she gets very defensive:

Auckland Medical school. The invitation was organised by one of the professor's staff. The professor at that time, was Professor Jim Watson, who was out of the country at that time, and the immunologist who organised the presentation was Dr Roger Booth.

As to the exact year, I'd have to rummage around in boxes to find out. Sometime in the early late 1980's to early 1990's... But I'm sure Dr Booth could fill in the answer to such a senseless question.

She also makes one particular outlandish claim, which will she feels will back up her claim to have given this presentation, and how important it was, and she is:

Oh yeah, and.. i can give you the name of a VERY famous man who was at that presentation. You might have heard of him. He's very famous in the cancer world. Goes by the name of Dr Bruce Baguley.

very interesting man. He researches quite unique and fancy cancer drugs.

But the very interesting thing was that after the meeting, he told me how, when he got cancer, he cured his own cancer with vitamin C and Iscadore. Apart from being a very famous cancer researcher, who did some fantastic (unpublished) research on vitamin C in cancer, he is also an amazing musician.

You might like to email him too

Wow - he sounds like a really famous bloke. I looked him up: he is. He's very well respected in the world of cancer research.

It appears Rich Scopie, from the Bad Science forums also looked him up. He however went one step further, and emailed him about Ms Butler's claim. Here's Dr Baguley's response:

Not true I'm afraid - worrying how stories change. I have never had a
malignant tumour. I took vitamin C one for a condition that was
diagnosed as a possible lymphoma, but was in fact much more likely to
have been a virus infection. It's an interesting area but I don't have
any data.

So there we have it. Hilary Butler is a liar. If she's prepared to tell such preposterous lies to back up her claim to be so well respected and important in the world of smallpox vaccine research, posts an exam full of idiotic and irrelevant questions then isn't prepared to divulge any of her findings (or "the answers" as she would no doubt have it) and throws temper tantrums when anyone questions the veracity of what she says, why does she think anyone (apart from that halfwit Gus The Fuss) is ever going to take her seriously?


Unknown said...

Hilary Butler is the kind of twit you'd just love to see hung out to dry. Not going to happen on JABS, though, your post would be deleted and your user name cancelled.

Brpwrdnsfrnzy said...

Happened to me...

Hence the reason I posted the email I got back from Dr Baguley at Bad Science, and not JABS.

I'm banned from JABS, and I'm not prepared to go through the shit involved to pretend to be someone else, just to have it happen again.

Thanks to Becky for reposting this - Hilary Butler is a fucking liar.


Rich (Scopie)

Unknown said...

Well we know that cyber tiddles reads badscience and here, so perhaps he will pass on the news.

The rest of them are too shocked by the content. and offended by the language to visit.

And they won't go to bad science because they are afraid of spyware.

John H said...

@ Vince (aka Yarbles)

Are you still hanging in there on the jabbophobe site or have you been executed ?

If you are still there I would suggest you have not been rude enough to them and need to immediately improve your abusive quotient.

Is Yarbles out of Clockwork Orange (ie something painful you can be kicked in) ???

Anonymous said...

@John H

No. I was executed, again.

Wanted to ask why they think it is okay to terrify the genuinely curious and concerned parents who visit their site, but kind of guessed the likely response.

The one that really bugs me is Dr. Struthers/Cybertiger. Seriously, has anyone written to his practice manager or PCT board to explain his severe conflict of interest?

Yarbles is indeed Clockwork Orange, also referencing the Fall along the way.

Anonymous said...

The JABS forum pages now have a url filter on them, so I can't even see what shite is going on there, never mind comment.

Given that they appear to be disappearing up their own fundament in an ever-tightening spiral of hysteria and mutually-supportive delusion, it might be that they have now alienated pretty much everyone bar fellow cranks.

If they have gone so far that genuinely concerned parents are immediately repulsed by the galloping insanity on display, and even the stupidest editor realises that this isn't some 'independent advice resource', then there may be some hope after all.