Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year…

Hi all - it's New Year's Eve, and I'm in at home, watching TV while the tiny person is sleeping. Happy New Year to all who've read this stuff over the last few months.

I've been meaning to do an "Admin" post for a while, so this seems to be the ideal opportunity.

I've noticed that, since I started writing this blog, JABS posters have become a little less keen on posting the utterly mental alt-med and anti-vax stuff that they were writing about when I was still a member there. There's less of the "AIDS is caused by Polio vaccine / It's all teh munki virii" kind of mentalism that was there a while ago. This can only be a good thing. I suspect that Jackie may have had a word with some of those on the lunatic fringe (Gus The Fuss springs immediately to mind), as she'd desperately like to have JABS seen as an "alternative view" group. Rather than the bunch of fucking nutters that they actually are.

What they do seem to be doing now is simply posting links to loon alt-med sites (naturalnews etc) or anti-science sites (mercola, whatdoctorsdonttellyou etc) - or quoting the shit that those people write. That makes life a bit tricky at JABSLoonies HQ - do I lose focus, and start having a go at all the anti-vax sites out there? Or do I stick with pointing out how evil JABS is?

Well, over the last few months, the regulars on the JABS forum have acquired a new target. Children who have been beaten or shaken to death. Now, this is currently a very hot topic - as Cybertiger never stops pointing out, there have been several high profile convictions overturned due to dodgy evidence given by the likes of Roy Meadow. He's quite right - poor quality evidence, poor quality statistical claims etc should be shot down in flames. Maybe Cybertiger should read Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science" book, rather than simply calling him names. They actually agree (broadly) on this point. Where Cybertiger goes wrong is when he starts defending every child killer. He's defending Alan Yurko - whose baby son was found to have massive injuries, and several fractured ribs. Not even Andrew Wakefield has ever claimed that MMR causes broken ribs… Remember that this man (Cybertiger) is a GP. If you live in Flitwick, he may be your GP. He denies that HIV causes AIDS and spends his time arguing on the internet that MMR causes autism, and that vaccines in general are evil. While advertising on his website for pensioners to come and have their 'flu jabs. What a cunt. An utter, utter cunt.

Another study showing conclusively that MMR and autism / bowel disease are NOT linked came out this year. That cock John Stone tried to spin it as though it actually supported his view - that MMR causes autism. His feeble bleatings on every discussion board, trying to argue this point were shot down in flames, every time. John Stone is a cock. He has an autistic child, but spends no time caring for him - he spends all his time looking for someone to blame, and trying to big up the MMR Vaccine / Autism "controversy" - when there is no controversy. No-one, apart from John Stone, Jackie Fletcher and Gus the Fucking Fuss believe in any kind of connection - and even they don't actually believe it any more. The trouble is (for them) that if they turn around, and say "actually, there's no connection", they'll lose face. That's what this is all about. They keep on banging on about MMR/Autism when they know it's not true - they just can't stand to lose face.

Cybertiger of course, just says anything the Jabbophobes will like to hear, in order to promote his anti-Roy-Meadow cause. Cunt.

I'm hoping that the lack of original thought on JABS over the last few months is a good sign. The number of posts has gone down, and those that are there are simply links or reposts to mental sites. I'll keep watching JABS, and watching for utter stupidity, but I'll probably not be posting daily - as I've not been doing over the last month and a half or so.

I may start posting some stuff from other nutter sites - if anyone wants to alert me to this sort of shite, please feel free to do so on becky.fisseux[at]

Happy New Year all,

Kind regards,


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