Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Like buses…

…idiot comments on JABS seem to come in threes. "Squib" has posted this:

When to suspect child maltreatment: guideline consultation

Nice is holding a consultation about this guideline (16 December 2008 – 10 February 2009).

Although it mentions bruises and subdural hematomas, I notice also that there appears no mention of vaccine induced problems.

This is simply another JABS member promoting their current favourite group hypothesis that child abuse simply doesn't exist - it's the vaccines. My loathing for these people knows no bounds.


John H said...

Jeezuz Becky - you are on one today.

I think you read that Oz website I pointed to where the guy covers this in detail.

There would appear to be a fairly significant conceptual leap involved here and I am not sure the jabbophobes are quite capable of understanding it.

It would be nice if some crazed jabbophobe could explain the etiology behind vaccination/child abuse.

Even leaving aside the autism issue (not that I believe there is one - which is why I have two MMR'd daughters) I for one am lost at trying to explain how a vaccination causes broken ribs, swellings, bruises, malnourishment and all the other manifest symptoms of child abuse.

The real child abusers are the jabbophobes and this bizarre morbid cult which seems to relish the prospect of dead children.

I have said it once and I will say it again but these ghouls seem to relish scouring the world for evidence of some relationship between vaccination and dead children - as you reference in Wednesdays posting.

Every child corpse is some sort of gleeful vindication of their lunacy. Fantastic - we found another dead kid in India - bung it online ASAP.

That is almost as bad as the jabbophobes including deaths from car crashes in the post-HPV morbidity statistics.

John H said...

(And apologies for referring to you somewhere as my "personal cess pit cleaner". I meant it in the nicest possible way insofar as you filter the drivel that I have no wish to be exposed to.)


Becky said...

Hehe - I'll take it as a compliment. ;-)