Monday, 8 December 2008

Evidence free sock puppets

There seems to be a rash (sorry!) of new posters on JABS, all of whom come on asking questions that ara tailor-made for a standard JABS answer. "Pro single-vaccine choice", "Yes - MMR is dangerous" etc. I strongly suspect several of these of being "sock puppets" - designed to give the forum perhaps a little more credibility. However, one or two of them come on initially as "I don't know much about MMR…" but fairly quickly seem to develop some quite detailed "knowledge" about specific vaccine related topics…

They're also fairly easily recognisible as sock puppets due to moronic statements like this from "CathyB":

My son had the single measles vac at 10 months. Three weeks later his temp shot up and he went into convulsions. Of course the doctors all say it's not the vac's fault, but I beg to differ.

Have you considered the number of factors that could have affected your son's health in three weeks? No - of course not, you just blindly decide it's the vaccine. Is there any evidence that it was the vaccine? No. Do you have any kind of second opinion from someone with a medical background? No. You just decide, unilaterally, that it must've been the vaccine. Idiot.

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