Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Vegetarian vaccines

Minority View has upgraded herself to "utter arsehole" status - advising a new sock puppet poster on JABS that:

Melanie its certainly not a vegeterian or vegan vaccine.

So, you'd rather abandon your child's health on the basis that a vaccine isn't vegetarian??? (Or rather, you'd use the fact that Melanie's husband is vegetarian as a way of pushing your own twisted, murderous agenda) On the grounds that you/she/he have/has some misguided notion that vegetarianism makes you a better person? You, with your middle-class whimsy; "oh, I don't consume anything made from dead animals"? You're prepared to put your child in danger because of that? You ought to be force-fed with lard. I hope you get trampled to death while protesting at an abattoir.


Anonymous said...

I don't think melanies a SP:

"Thankyou - I certainly will. TBH this is not at all what I was expecting and describing this forum section as 'experience and support' is ridiculous. In all the research I've done, the nonsense and bile spouted here is the most convincing thing I've found in favour of the MMR. Rabies? The Faroe Islands hundreds of years ago? The loonies have certainly taken over in some areas."


Becky said...

No - it appears not. Apologies to her for my incorrect assumption - and full marks to her for spotting JABS for what it actually is. :-)

John H said...

I love the way she is derided as a sock puppet once they realise she cannot be perverted to their insanity.

She seems to have used her brain to work out what is best for her kids and her common sense to realise that these people are barking mad.

John H said...

They are not very keen on fair comment are they.

I posted a few entries and they deleted them. Anything that goes against their perverse ideology gets deleted.

I thought I was being restrained as well.

They don't like it up em.

All I said was:

"""""""""""""Posted - 12/29/2008 : 17:51:56
It would appear that Melanie got the measure of the jabbophobe loonies on this site.

Well done Melanie. You saw through the mendacious drivel spouted in this vipers nest of lunacy, woo, anti-science and nonsense.

Of course now that you cannot be perverted as a new disciple to the ship of fools you are of course a sock puppet in the employ of big pharma.

For a sensible counterbalance to this insane drivel (and to see just how insane these jabbophobes are) read:


Of course you have already understood that having read the illiterate and specious cant on this site.""""""""

And when Stone replied with a snivelling whining comment that that post was just abuse I was even more restrained with:

""""""""""" The abuse comes from the likes of you Mr Stone.

To put it as bluntly as possible it is child abuse.

The real child abusers are you jabbophobes and your bizarre morbid death cult which seems to relish the prospect of dead children.

You jabbophobe ghouls seem to relish scouring the world for evidence of some relationship between vaccination and dead children. You make the most spurious connections imaginable (such as vaccinations killing a child who had a pre-existing heart condition and including deaths from car crashes in the post-HPV morbidity statistics.)

Every child corpse is some sort of gleeful vindication of your lunacy. Fantastic - we found another dead kid in India - bung it online ASAP.

You appall me and you cause untold concern and anguish to many parents.""""""""""

(Admittedly I recycled it from a posting on here but I felt it was fair comment).

Becky said...

I'd say that was perfectly reasonable.

John H said...

Thank you Becky - my thoughts exactly.

I had another look this morning and they had removed the comments.

And they blocked me so I am in your illustrious company.

I don't think they get this interweb thingy whereby I can have hundreds of email accounts and can sign on with hundreds of aliases.

They make a mockery of the word "forum".

I notice they do not bar that fuckhead Gus from making stupid and abusive comments about Occam48.

They are happy to accept his insane and illiterate gibberish yet censor my rational (& orl spelld propahley) comments.

Verminous scum.

Becky said...

They'll eventually ban your IP address from signing up if you create a few aliases - it's happened to a few people. :-(