Saturday, 6 December 2008

More Vile Posturings

The JABS crew have been bleating over the George Fisher verdict. For those of you not immediately aware of the case, George Fisher was an 18 month old child, who tragically died - for no immediately apparent reason. Dreadful though this is, it happens. Toddlers drop dead - adults drop dead. They just die. It's dreadful, but it happens.

In George Fisher's case though, Jackie Fletcher, of JABS, and that evil bastard John Stone, have persuaded Mr and Mrs Fisher that the MMR vaccine that George had, ten days before his death, was to blame.

Lets think about that for a moment. Mr and Mrs Fisher have just lost a child - the worst thing that could happen to any parents. Then Fletcher and Stone turn up, and say "Your child was killed by SOMETHING YOU DID!!! YOU KILLED YOUR CHILD BY VACCINATING HIM!!!"

However, if you then take anyone in sight to court, claiming it was THEIR (Big Pharma, Ben Goldacre) FAULT, you can assuage that guilt.

The trouble is, the inquest that Fletcher and Stone have pushed the parents into has turned round and said "Er, no. Vaccines had nothing to do with this child's death."

John Stone is still bleating on, as are several other posters on the JABS forum, making out that there's some kind of cover up. Let's see what kind of shit they're coming out with, shall we?

Gus the Fuss: The pharma cartel lies about the vaccines given when the baby is born and then lies yet again when the baby dies evil filthy liars

Allison: Another point I'd like to make that has since bowled me over;

The Coroner, Alan Crickmore with the sole decision into the findings of the death of Georgie Fisher is "a divorce lawyer".

He cited death by natural causes.

Was he really a suitable choice to be allocated such an important medical based decision? I think not.

Aasa: I don't know about the UK, but here in Ontario, coroners need to be practising physicians. One would think that that should be at least a minimum requirement to be a coroner.

Now, it's interesting that the choice of coroner wasn't cited as a problem before the verdict was announced.

It's impossible to please these evil bastards who are, when it comes down to it, dead set on trying to kill your (of if not your, someone else's) children.

They want to ban vaccines, and they want to do this by having a scientist tell the world that they're likely to kill children, or cause autism. To this end, they find any dead child they can, badger their grieving parents by lying to them about vaccines (as we've seen), and then wait for the outcome of a pointless enquiry. They know full well that the enquiry will say "No, vaccines weren't involved", but they put the parents through the horrible experience anyway.

They just hope that one day they'll get a judge / coroner / whoever who's suffering from early onset Alzheimers who'll give them the result that they want. However, they keep getting reasonable human beings, who keep following the evidence and saying "No, nothing to do with vaccines."

In the meantime, they'll push as many parents through this whole (as John Stone puts it) "sorry farago", destroying their already shredded lives even further.

John Stone, Jackie Fletcher et al, I hope you rot in hell.

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