Thursday, 4 December 2008

John Stone's paranoia

The JABbers have been whining on recently that the NHS is pushing MMR in the wake of news that the number of measles infections is the highest it's been in a decade. Seems logical to me - if measles is spreading, let's push a pre-emptive procedure that will stop it.

John Stone, predictably, sees it a little differently:

Surely this just being timed to coincide to block out the Georgie Fisher inquest along with the stupid programme with David Elliman.

His bleating gets more feeble by the day - which can only be a good thing.

Stone might be interested to see this - the George Fisher inquest verdict. Natural causes. No doubt the JABS crowd will hail this as some kind of victory and proof of conspiracy, when the facts are that a sickly child (whose parents had cancelled MMR appointments previously because he was ill) tragically died ten days after having his MMR jab - with no evidence to suggest one fact is related to the other. His parents, no doubt egged on by the likes of Stone, "believe the vaccine was "implicated" in their son's death."

Well - there you go. It wasn't. My thoughts go out to the family, obviously, but the sight of the likes of Stone and Jackie Fletcher grabbing this case for publicity for their discredited cause has been utterly vile.

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