Wednesday, 17 December 2008

John Stone - a man with no concept of irony

That cockend John Stone has just posted this gem on JABS:

The political and medical authorities demonstrated their lack of objectivity by subjecting anyone who disagreed to harassment and abuse, while the children themselves were condemned to medical neglect. Every time they stuff their ears they just prove the point.

Does he not realise that this is what he spends his entire miserable life doing - subjecting those who thoughtfully point out that actually, there's no evidence for a vaccine / autism link to harrassment and abuse, while he neglects the most important thing he should be doing - caring for his autistic child? John - no-one blames you for your child's autism, so there's no need for you to be desperately trying to find someone to shift that blame onto. There is no blame. We're not blaming you. Please, I realise that admitting "actually, I was wrong" will involve a massive loss of face, but at the moment, you're just digging yourself deeper.


millipede said...

Rumour has it that John Stone is writing a book about MMR and Wakefield.

Given John Stones' noted pomposity and thickheadedness, I anxiously await its publication

Becky said...

Why? Do you have a wobbly table, or a door that needs propping open?