Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Just idiocy

Fortunately, people don't generally end up at JABS if they're looking for cancer treatment - although those who've bought into the MMR lie may well end up taking everything they read there seriously.

Suba has posted one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen - it's a repost from "Natural News", a hotbed of quackery and alt-med crap. Here are some highlights:

A Proven Cure and Prevention for Cancer the Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You to Know (Part I)

This article is about how you can prevent and cure cancer with a bottle of flax oil and a carton of cottage cheese. As incredible as this may seem, it is a truth that has been well proven and documented.

[if you're diagnosed with cancer] you really can afford to take the time to relax and regain your composure, and then decide on a rational approach based on alternatives that do offer you the potential for complete cure. Whether you have a lot of money or not, and even if you have no health insurance, you really can make a complete recovery from cancer.

There are thousands of documented cases of recovery from cancer using the Budwig protocol. For her research and practice, Johanna [Budwig] was nominated for seven Nobel Prizes, but was kept from receiving any of them by the German pharmaceutical and medical industries that subjected her to endless vilification and harassment and blocked the publication of her writings and clinical studies.

Let's see - conspiracy? Yep. References? Nope. Evidence? Nope. Outright lies? Yes (well proven and documented? No - it's not.) Dangerous medical advice? The Nobel Prize nomination claim is extremely suspect too - The official Nobel Prize website has no record of her nomination for medicine or physiology before 1955 - and more recent nominations are not made public. (Nominations are not made public for 50 years.)

This is the kind of crap that leads to the deaths listed here.


John H said...


I think that birds of a feather flock together. If you can swallow one lot of woo you will swallow anything.

I posted elsewhere on the Budwig rubbish. Complete nonsense in terms of curing cancer. Probably not too unhealthy or dangerous in itself - if somewhat boring.

Funny that THEY never seem to want you to know isn't it. Despite all the conferences, publications, journals, lectures and so forth they still don't want anyone to know.

In fact I just reaised I posted a comment here back in November which I am lazy enough to recycle.

You can tell this stuff is insane when you read:

""""The diet is indicated for all kinds of chronic diseases, especially heart ailments (corony thrombosis), gall disorders, diabetes, arthritis, and malignancies. It improves failing hearing and sight. It is the ideal nutrient for children and infants. It is suggested that this diet be supplemented with lactic acid ferments (4).

"What she (Dr. Johanna Budwig) has demonstrated to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE"""""

There are many of the rules of quackery displayed here:

1) Said quackery cures nearly everything (why limit your market ?)
2) appeal to authority (A doctor said that . . . . )
3) Use of CAPITALS to spread the good news
4) confusion and error - you can have champagne but not sugar. (Should I tell them that honey is only sugar)
5) lack of rigour - you have to use cottage cheese (but you can use yoghurt if you run out)

On the other hand this diet probably won't kill the person using it - other than from boredom.

It certainly will not save their life though.

Thanks for the whatstheharm site. It is probably the saddest thing I have seen since Schindlers List (although some of it is a bit duff i.e people getting lost with satnav).

Jabbophobes should be made to look at the table in post 37 here . . . .

. . . and calculate the number of lives saved in the US through vaccination and try to multiply that across the globe.

I probably feel more antagonism to the jabbophobes than to any other part of the woo universe. Hang on, I forgot about Jehovahs Witlesses killing their kids, veggies killing their kids; there is salmost no end to it.

Anonymous said...

That has to be a joke... Flax oil and cottage cheese? Nobody can be that stupid, can they?