Saturday, 3 January 2009

Anti-vaccination is a religion

Now tell me that these people aren't nutters. Truth Seeker has posted a quote from, which explains the science behind the myth that vaccines contain foetal tissue.

"Some vaccine components have been derived from human fetuses. The abortions were not conducted for the purpose of vaccine discovery or vaccine production"

Perfectly reasonable.

However, as Truth Seeker has shit for brains, he then goes on to claim that this is an absolute lie, by copy-and-pasting a great long diatribe from a website by the name of The specific page is: in America/Abortion is Murder/aborted_fetus_vaccines.htm. You can imagine the kind of reasoned discussion you'll get on that site, can't you…? To save you the bother of your own copy and paste job (as I refuse to link to this kind of crap), it starts with a big gory header that reads "The Abortion Industry Contributes To Vaccine Manufacturing", and carries on in much the same vein for pages of shite.

When the JABS crowd resort to backing their arguments with quotes from fundamental religious whack-jobs, any last remnants of their supposed sheen of respectability drains merrily away down the toilet.

Amusingly, the next post, from that halfwit aobbard reads:

Brings it home doesn't it?

Err, no. It makes you all look like twats.

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millipede said...

The implication being that some fetuses are aborted just to get material for vaccines, which even the religious whacko site doesn't say.