Friday, 9 January 2009

Sugar pills to replace MMR vaccine?

Another new poster as coincidentally popped up on JABS to ask about single vaccines - what a coincidence, as Merck have announced in the last few days that they'll no longer be producing single vaccines. I claim "sock puppet" again - still, no matter. Single vaccines and "choice" is at least in line with the claimed JABS agenda. However, Truth Seeker then chimes in with a claim for "twat of the week":

Have you considered homeopathic nosodes of mumps, measles and Rubella?

Now, this is a bit sneaky. What Truth Seeker would like to see is the whole population rejecting all vaccinations, and as a result having a fair proportion of children ending up in a hospital or a mortuary. However, he seems to have realised that this is an unpopular point of view among new posters, and is making out that he's suggesting a valid alternative, when actually he's advocating treating children with, well, nothing at all - a treatment that if followed nationwide would end up with thousands of children in hospitals and morgues. Evil bastard.

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John H said...

And what did I hear on the news on the way in to work this morning ?

Big increase in the incidence of measles in the UK. Reported I think by the HPA).

Why does this not surprise me.

I wonder what might possibly have caused this increase in something whch was virtually eradicated (and is certainly eradicable).

Personally I am looking forward to facial disfigurement or death from smallpox for my birthday.

Oh, hang on. I just realised I have been vaccinated against it so no birthday treat for me then.

MMMMMM homeowhatsit nosodes of MMR. That'll work then. Instead of getting a vaccination with 100% proven success rate you can always take sugar pills containing SFA with no record of efficaciousness whatsoever. Good plan.

Ladies and gentlemen - it is time to play Russian Roulette with your childrens lives.

Truth Seeker could be regarded as a joke if it wasn't for the fact that so many people obviously believe this tosh (demonstrated by the increase in measles cases). As such he isnot funny - he/she is sick.