Friday, 9 January 2009

Sensible post drives JABS regulars into frothing frenzy

A new poster on JABS, who has one post to his name (and is unlikely to be allowed to post again) has written a splendid rant, which, before it's deleted, I'll post in full here. Let's hear it for "Reality Check"!

Dont be silly. This article, like all those before it state quite clearly that vaccines save lives. Stop getting your evidence from daft websites and face up to facts. Vaccines are the best tool we have in medicine and that is why we are working to develop more. Obviously websites like this one (and its adherents) are doing lots of harm as highlighted by the BBC today
..or do you think the Beeb is in the grasp of your "big pharma".

Vaccines are developed in laboratories, universities, research institutes, hospitals - do you think we are all corrupted to tell lies so that kids get sick?

At what point in the last few years did Wakefield become a hero figure to you lot? He is one of the biggest crooks going who made a fortune out of the worried well (as we call them) who were gullible enough to buy his single shot vaccines and made him very rich as a result. Can't you see when you are being taken for a ride?

Actually, a lot of this anti-vaccine stuff is generated and stirred by the alt med sector, like it has been doing for the AIDS story, because it seeks to profit from those who cannot tell the difference between manipulated anecdotes and facts. Remember, many of the contributors to this website (and other similar ones) are trying to sell you rubbish medicine – don’t fall for it - look at the REAL evidence, the sort of analyses looking at thousand of patients over many decades. If you must get your evidence from the internet, at least bother to check out the author – are they qualified? Are they selling something? Where is the article published?

The bottom line is - if you want to be a good parent, get your kids vaccinated. And always remember - wanting to believe something, does not make it true.

Get real folks, before its too late and more kids die from our collective stupidity.


This has, predictably, driven the regulars into a hysterical rage. Let's take that grade-A moron Truth Seeker first, as he goes down the "informed choice" / big pharma route, before reeling off a load of made-up "ingredients" of vaccines:

What nonsense if you want to be a good parent you will not blindly vaccinate like a robotic sheep but make a fully informed choice based on the truth, not coporate bad $cience.

If you are happy to inject your child with such filth as animal pus, fetal bovine soup, DNA from aborted babies, monkey glands, aluminium rat killer,and other toxins go ahead but dont tell me anyone else what to do with our children based on silly emotional arguments about being "good parent"

"Emotional arguments" Truth Seeker? You're the one who posted a picture of bottles of brown liquid with the words "Fetal Bovine serum" photoshopped onto the labels so badly that it could only have been worse if whoever did it had used Comic Sans.

Following hard on Truth Seeker's heels in the moron stakes comes that venal bastard Cybertiger. He replies to the comment about Andrew Wakefield's dishonesty with this gem:

Don't be silly! I think you'd better take a reality check before you shoot yourself up your backside.

Dr Struthers - everyone knows by now that you have no actual arguments other than innuendo and insult, but "don't be silly" is pathetic, even for you.

Minority View then sticks her oar in, with a big old juicy lie, accusing the poster of being heartless:

I think you win the tactless of the year award. The majority of the posters on this site have a vaccine damaged child.

Hmm. For starters, MV, you're not one of them. You don't have a sick kid. You're just pushing your bullshit anti-vax agenda, using those parents who do have sick kids as a crutch to support your vile propaganda. Secondly, parents on the forum do not have vaccine damaged children. They have ill children, certainly; desparately ill in some cases, I'm sure, but vaccine damage is a self-diagnosis. That diagnosis hasn't been provided by real medical professionals, has it? It's a belief, not a medical fact. And you're just trying to exploit that belief to push that murderous agenda of yours. Now who's the heartless bastard?

Oh, and Gus spouts some shit a bit later on. Nothing to worry about - just some abuse.

So, hurrah for Reality Check!

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John H said...

I think Reality Check/scarter and JABS are soon to be parted. Ships in the night will be a long term relationship in comparison.

I would have liked to have posted a considered and well-balanced article like that and sort of alluded to a lot of his points.

Unfortunately (in a fit of raging blindness brought on by the crass stupidity of the jabbophobes) I pressed the "VENOM" button on my laptop rather then the "SPELLCHECKER" button and got immediately banned, blacklisted, blackballed etc etc.

Still not sure what dictionary these loons looked up the meaning of the word FORUM in.

It is not a forum at all. It is a self preservation society for morons to reinforce their specious nonsense in the company of like minded fruitcakes.

You crystallise the entire case against these twats Becky. They do not have vaccine damaged children but because they have convinced themselves that they do:

(a) I wonder how any subsequent children might fare in the vaccination and subsequent wellness stakes (see large increase in measles reported today)

(b) I wonder if they adequately address the sick childs needs. I sense that many of them will resort to quackery given their ludicrously misguided and jaundiced view of proper medicine.

And is it just me (in my capacity as a pedantic old git) or is there a clear cut educational difference between the jabbophobes and the people who write common sense.

Your postings are literate and legible. Reality Check's posting is ditto. Most anti-woo websites (Bad Science, Quackometer, Respectful Insolence etc) are properly written in lucid English.

Most nutter websites are basically illiterate scrawls in broken English, textspeak, poor punctuation, bad grammar, abuse and insults (plus really pathetic "jokes like "bad $cience" ho ho ho). Truth Seekers contribution on this posting is a prime example.

(Feel free to point out any mistakes in the above. I can always have an extra slice of humble pie for dinner))