Friday, 10 October 2008

More paranoia

Suba should really be locked up for his (or her) own safety - everything and everyone seems to be out to get him. This time, on the news that an Ebola vaccine is being developed in the Netherlands and the United States:

Expect an Ebola outbreak in the US or the Netherlands in the next few years by accident or by design

That's right Suba - the New World Order is planning to massacre the world's population in one of the most horrible ways imaginable. Now - go and have a lie down.


John The Geophysicist said...

Suba does seem to have it bad.

Child is vaccinated - child dies. Vaccine killed child. QED.

Either all or most vaccines kill all or most of the time or maybe there is something else going on in the child which kills them. Tragic though each individual death is this causal connection is ridiculous.

Suba seems to scour the world looking for dead kids which is rather ghoulish.

I wonder how many children have had vaccines and have not died.

(Well me for a start so vaccines obviously do not kill you. And I have had all sorts of weird vaccines to work in remote shitheaps of the world).

I assert my anecdotal evidence to be as strong as the jabbophobes.

Cybertiger said...

"I wonder how many children have had vaccines and have not died."

Oh, no, not another pathetic homily from johnny geowanker. Go back to your shitheap, plonker!

John The Geophysicist said...

Good job I didn't read that on Friday night.

The wittily phrased caustic abuse would probably have ruined my entire weekend.

Eat your heart out Oscar Wilde.