Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Killing with homeopathy

It's often said by advocates of homeopathy that homeopathy never killed anyone. Well, Hannah's son is a statistic waiting to happen. Having been prescribed an epipen to dispense emergency adrenaline in case of severe allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock, this is what Hannah does.

...there was an article in the BMJ 3-4 years ago about deaths following anaphylactic shock which was very interesting. There are (or were at the time) 20 deaths per year, but HALF of them were due to incorrect doses of adrenalin being administered. That really shocked me at the time, but doesn't surprise me now.

I don't take my son's epipen out with us now (not that you can overdose on an epipen), but use a homeopathic remedy (Apis) very effectively.

If he has an allergic reaction bad enough to warrent an epipen, she's quite possibly going to kill her own son. And she's proud of this.


Le Canard Noir said...

Looks like a prima facie reason to have the child taken into care.

Cybertiger said...

I see the little black-ducky is a cult follower of the bad-science idiocy of folk like Professor Sir Wroy Meadow.

Becky said...

So, Cybertiger. I assume that this moronic statement means that you also condone the use of homeopathy rather than a prescribed epipen?

Again, I'll take anything other than outright condemnation of Hannah's actions as tacit approval.

The evidence in a theoretical case to have you struck off is mounting up with every dumb comment you post. Do your colleagues know of these views of yours?

millipede said...

Its likely a case of Dr. Struthers and Mr. Cybertigger. Conventional GP at work, and a smarmy foul mouthed adolescent in his spare time.

Cybertiger said...

Smarmy? You are an odd, creepy-crawly creature, millipweed.

John The Geophysicist said...

Apis is rubbish.

Apparently supposed to be based on bee sting with all the commensurate BS like proving, banging and shaking, ludicrous dilution etc.

I developed an allergy when I moved to a new house (I think it was paints, solvents glues etc).

Despite my better judgement a friend persuade me to try Apis.

Result = nothing.

My doctor wrote out a prescription for Zirtek.

Result = Immediate cessation of swellings.

Homeopathy Nul Point
Modern medicine 10/10

Of course this is merely anecdotal but I would defy any quack HY merchant to:
a) test apis against Zirtek
b) take the Black Ducks challenge.

Not going to happen is it ?

John The Geophysicist said...


I like the blog. We seem to share some common interests.

Could I ask you a favour please.

When you post an extract from some halfwit could you reference the original article.

I enjoy a good laugh at work.

Cybertiger said...

And you call me 'foulmouthed' when the proprietor of this loony blogsite uses the 'c' word in the most evil of ways directed at my smarmy goodself. You are a larf, millipweed.

alcari said...

Ah yes, Apis, I've tried that once (thinking it was actual medication).

It landed me in First Aid, after doing nothing at all to reduce my slowly swelling tongue, where a single shot solved everything.

Also, I'm still breathing, something which probably couldn't be said had I relied on homeopathy.

Becky said...

Hi John T. Geophysicist,


All quotes are taken from the JABS anti-vaccination site, at

In future I'll try and remember to reference the actual page they're on (although I won't link to the site on principle!)

millipede said...

Becky hasn't abandoned her critical faculties and she doesn't pretend to be a GP in her spare time.

If it makes you feel any better I can append my comments with
"And Becky too!"

Becky said...

Still no condemnation of patients abandoning prescribed epipens for homeopathy from Cybertiger. As he's posted plenty of times here since I asked him, I can only assume he approves of this practice. And he wonders why I called him a cunt.

millipede said...

The good doctor appears to be offended by being characterized as a cunt.

Maybe he should be called an "amateur quack". We have no evidence that his life as a GP is anything but professional, but his activities in his spare time on various internet venues, show him to be undoubtedly a quack.

John The Geophysicist said...

I had a look at that jabs site.

It seems heavy on sad stories but light on science - other than quackery. And that is in no way meant to belittle the appalingly tragic individual child deaths on there.

Unfortunately the general theme seems to be "child had MMR/child dies/MMR caused it". Usual causal fallacy by people whose hearts have been broken and/or who have to seek recompense in our litigious culture.

I am surprised that the doctor thinks this is a "loony" site. I would have thought that (if anything) it stimulates a discussion about a number of things he ought to regard as genuinely loony.

If he does not see the crassness of using bee shit rather than anti-histamines then I do not think he warrants the MB after his name - unless it means "Missed Biology".

Is there some personal connection between Becky and Dr Death that the rest of us do not know about. He seems to make some very personal comments.

I usually try to post polite comments but I really do have to agree that he is a bit of a cunt.

Cybertiger said...

"I usually try to post polite comments but I really do have to agree that he is a bit of a cunt."

Oh no, not another tosser to join the other tits!

John The Geophysicist said...

I rest my case.

millipede said...

I am sure any personal connection exists only in the good doctor's troubled mind.