Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Just a quick one (oo-err)

Not really an example of JABS poster stupidity, but it did make me laugh. From the Pope of JABS and all-round foaming-at-the-mouth-pompous-arsehole, John Stone:

I am running out of friends and acquaintances

Really? Funny that.


Cybertiger said...

Becky, you're the dreary bint - and dishonest too - ugh!

John The Geophysicist said...

Not exactly a starter for 10 in terms of an intelligent and informed debate is it !

millipede said...

You'll never get intelligent and informed debate from Dr. Tigger, or any of the Jabbers for that matter.

I feel a bit sorry for John Stone. His monomania has consumed his life, without doing anything to help his autistic son.