Friday, 31 October 2008

More quackery and snake oil

Aobbard, that darling of the mental asks;

does anyone know the best safe home water treatment for spring water that may be contaminated with ecoli?!!!

What this has to do with vaccination is beyond me, but maybe she thinks that anti-vaxxers have all the answers to her health issues (and believe me, she has a lot). I'd also want to ask what she's doing wanting to drink e-coli contaminated spring water, and how one earth does she know it's contaminated with e-coli in the first place. But then I remembered - she's mental. Occam48 provides a very sensible solution (as he is wont to do); boil the water.

If you are only worried about E coli just bring to the boil, it's not a spore former, but E coli's a marker of faecal contamination, so there are other wider concerns. Why not contact the local Environmental health or even DEFRA office

Occam48's one of the good guys. He does what I used to do, popping up on the JABS forum to point out where people are talking (or in this case, possibly consuming) shit. He deserves a medal. Anyway, I digress.

Suba, not happy with Occam's sensible answer, feels the need to throw in some woo.

You do not have to boil water. You could add some stabilised oxygen also known as "vitamin O". You might just get some extra health benefits too!

Christ on a bike, someone's pushing their new favourite quackery. "Vitamin 'O'"??? You might as well suggest "Essence of duck breath".

Aobbard, cretin that she is, replies:

Thanks for that. For some time I have felt that there is not enough O2 getting to my brain!!!

To be honest, Aobbard (or may I call you Adrienne?), I'd suggest not enough blood getting to your brain might be more of a problem. You're a credulous moron with no more capacity for rational thought than a toadstool.

Stabilised oxygen has an interesting history: Take a look here. Stabilised oxygen is in fact salt water. The link provides you with all kinds of interesting information on companies who have been fined for making false claims about it and its supposed health benefits.


millipede said...

Adrienne has been running amuck over at wddty giving all kinds of inappropriate health advice.

A few years ago people in Canada died because their municipal water supply was contaminated with e.coli.

Google walkerton e.coli

As much as I think aobbard is a loon, I sincerely hope nobody gets sick and dies.

FFS boil the water if there is any doubt!

John The Geophysicist said...

I have been on holiday for the last week. Came back to work all rested and relaxed.

Caught up with Becky's postings and now my blood pressure has gone through the roof.

If I hadn't seen the jabbophobe site and read the rubbish from Gus, Aobbard and their family of retarded morons I would assume Becky was using the hokum generator to invent all this nonsense.

How on earth do you add "stabilised oxygen" to water ?
What is it FFS.

This is the problem with woo merchants and exactly reflects the scandal of homeopathy quacks with their malaria prophylactics (i.e absolutely nothing in a pill - that should do the job).

Not only is the advice mad it is downright dangerous. Following this woo could kill you.

Quite how this nutter knows there is e-coli in her water is a mystery - unles she has a spring next to a cesspit and is merely assuming. Maybe she should look at Snows cholera map and try to make a logical deduction.

Why not try drinking tap water ? Or is that poisoned by fluoride and the BIG BOTTLED WATER companies - who are clearly as malevolent as big pharma.

I need to go and lie down now.

But as a PS I agree absolutely about Occam48. Don't know who he is but he is doing a sterling job in keeping the barbarians behind the gates.

As another PS I wouldn't be too critical about "duck breath" as the black duck seems to breathe a lot of sense. I am sure he will not take it as a personal affront. (You can get duck egg and duck egg shell HY cures from Helios !! - what are they supposed to cure ?)

Plus you can get (just scrolling down to duck) "Diphtheria Vaccine" and something called diptherinum. The latter is described at:

Diptheria has been eliminated in the west BY VACCINATIONS. A couple of deaths per annum in the US and Europe. I wonder why those deaths occurred ?

Lying down didn't work - I need sedation.

Becky said...


According to Aobbard, yes; tap water has been poisoned with fluoride... That's one of her favourite bugbears.