Sunday, 26 October 2008

The arrogance

Aobbard appears to be trying to start a family feud. Her sister hasn't listened to her foaming at the mouth idiocy about vaccines. Crime of the century, obviously, in aobbard's book:

I am so mad at my sister who has allowed my neice to have this vaccine without doing any research or listening to me.

Let's look at the facts, shall we? Aobbard believes everything is bad for her: fluoride, vaccines and especially "electrosmog", the latter being so bad that she wears a special apron to sit in front of a computer. She also believes in Morgellon's Syndrome and chemtrails. She is, in fact, a health conspiracy nutjob, class 1. Is anyone surprised that her sister doesn't listen to her? I imagine that if she [her sister] had any concerns, she probably talked them over with health professionals; people who've actually had some training in medical matters - not loons whose medical knowledge comes from rapaciously consuming every idiot and quack website out there on the internet.


PixieCorpse said...

That's just depressing. I don't know how I'd handle having that kind of tragic insanity in my family at all. )-:

millipede said...

Imagine her poor husband and kids.

millipede said...

On the forums at wddty aobbard has been attributing cardiac symptoms to electrosensitivity.

She cured her mother's cardiac arrhythmia by taking away her cordless phone.

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose she understands the concept of confirmation bias. Mrs H's BP improved when I installed the computer. Correlation does not prove cause and effect.