Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More top notch medical advice

This time from "jacquia", one of those morons who apparently researched her medical degree by reading the literature in Neals Yard. Here, she's exhorting people to avoid the HPV vaccine, and instead use the "natural remedy" Pau d'Arco.

Researchers have used Pau d'Arco for AIDS, inflammation of all types, allergies, all types of cancer, as a blood builder, for liver disease, diabetes, warts, Hodgkins disease, lupus, malaria, polyps and many other diseases, so it's usefulness has long been established.

Wouldn't it be wiser to use something that is all natural and more gentle on your body...then something that no one knows the end results?

Actually, as Occam48 points out, there's no evidence that it's effective for any condition, it's banned in Canada as it's not been shown to be safe, and it's actually highly toxic in higher doses. So, not really an alternative to an HPV vaccine - more an alternative to drinking paraquat.


Cybertiger said...

"... drinking paraquat."

What's your poison, Becky? As if I didn't know. Drink up now!

millipede said...

Good, I needed an alternative for drinking paraquat. For Dr.Tigger I can only suggest hemlock.

I always wonder about these alternative remedies that cure everything. How deluded do you have to be, to believe that one substance will cure every ailment under the sun?

Becky said...

Apart from beer, anyway. :-)

Becky said...

Truth Seeker's following the "cure all" path, by posting a couple of links that claim that coconut or coconut oil cure AIDS and autism.

The one claiming that coconut oil cures autism is on a coconut oil manufacturer's website. So, no conflict of interest there then.

What a twat.