Friday, 24 October 2008

More on AIDS

While I appreciate that few people are likely to turn to JABS as an immediate source for AIDS treatment advice, I still find it disturbing that Rosemary is putting out this kind of unmitigated rubbish.

Obviosly taking anti-retrovirals is Not a good idea if you are HIV+

'Most common cause of deaths among HIV+ patients is LIVER FAILURE caused by taking TOXIC DRUGS'


John The Geophysicist said...

Mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Probably best to take those nontoxic drugs with no trace of the original ingredient in them.

I would take a guess and say that the most common cause of death for people who are HIV positive is AIDS (and the consequent sarcomas, infections etc) although I am open to correction on that.

I think one of the biggest contributors to death among HIV positive people is woo, consisting of:
* not taking retrovirals
* taking vitamin pills a la Rath
* taking beetroot and garlic a la Mrs Shangalangadingdong
* using homeopathy (and the only vaguely positive stuff on this on Medline is all from India - fancy that !)
* blah blah fill in mumbo-jumbo of choice

I think that by far and away the most common cause of death in the HIV+ population globally is the fact that millions of suffers shamefully receive no treatment at all.

John The Geophysicist said...

"sufferers" obviously.

DT said...

It's true!! - The most common cause of death in HIV patients is liver failure!

But.... liver failure is only caused by the drugs in a small minority of these cases - most of them are because of chronic Hep C or Hep B.

And..... Why does anyone think that HIV patients are not dying of AIDS at the rate they previously did? It's the drugs, stupid!

10 years ago, you might expect a mortality rate of 20 per 100 person years. Maybe 3 were because of liver failure ("Fifteen percent of deaths are from liver failure!").

Today, thanks to the anti-HIV drugs, you might get say only 7 deaths/100pys, and perhaps 4 of these might be from liver failure (MOST DEATHS today are from liver failure!! Shock!! Horror!!!)

So HIV meds may have reduced the HIV-related mortality rate from 17 to 3, and all these whackjobs can do is claim that HIV meds "cause most deaths". A lot of stupid is running around. Most of it lives at JABS.