Monday, 13 October 2008

More gibberish

Again - not sure what Gus is trying to say here:

Cheap as chips Occam Ye ! another impartial FROM an impartial body,on the effacy of vaccines . I fell of mee seat when I opened that one LAAAARRFFING ..Try going into the butchers and asking about the benefits of being a vegetarian,but then again its coming up to Xmas and the butcher will be looking for that Xtra bit of dosh..sooo the answer jus might not be fair ,just like the Gp when you ask about vaccines like you I suppose??

(Apologies if postings are a bit ad-hoc over the next few days - I´m away, and not sure how regular internet access is going to be!)


John The Geophysicist said...

You sort of get to identify the lunatic's style guide after a while, don't you?

Clearly the same ranter who penned the bit below . . .

""""Occam Ye to Big Pharma eh! antibiotics “cheap as chips” puff!puff ! Forgot as you belive , for it to be the truth it has to have CDC,DOH,.GOV.FDC stamped on it as for WHALE the Whale site dosent write the publications only makes them available to be read most of the articles are written by very well renowned specialist doctors in there fields..""""

millipede said...

Poor Gus.
I often wonder if I was faced with the kind of difficulties that Gus faces (severely autistic child, and all the attendant difficulties, plus the frustration of being involved in a lost cause), would I be any saner? I like to think I would be, but who knows?