Friday, 24 October 2008

And another thing… *RANT RANT RANT*

The kind of foaming lunacy that Truth Seeker posts could come from the "rejected for being too mental" drawer at the Daily Mail… The first paragraph here could be straight from the Jabs-o-matic at the bottom of the page…

Er dont start this in the first place, look at the big picture of new labour creating paranoia and scaremongering and assumption of guilty till proven innocent, this is just another step that is happening all around us.
Plastic policeman in place of real police
Nurses making desicions only doctors should.
Terror laws used for trivial spying on innocent people by councils.
Park wardens asked to approach single men in parks as potential molesters.
Dads afraid to take daughters picture winning a swimming gala.

Amusing that a JABS forum member is accusing others of "creating paranoia" and "scaremongering".

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