Thursday, 9 October 2008


Again, not vaccine related, but funny. :-) I know my spelling isn't 100% - whose is? - but if you were typing this, you'd check, surely?

Incidently, there is a difference between 'mistake' and 'negligence'. A mistake is, for example, spelling the word callender with an 'e' instead of an 'a'.

Thank you laura_c_a. (I know a joke about C&A knickers…)


Cybertiger said...

"(I know a joke about C&A knickers…)"

And I know a few jokes about tits, Becky being one of them.

John The Geophysicist said...

Another riproaring contribution to the debate from the mad medico of Flitwick (or was that a Two Ronnies sketch).

Becky - a similar joke applies to M&S knickers.

A variant on both is that male underpants come from C&A and female knickers from M&S so you can tell which belong to who.

John The Geophysicist said...

In any case "colander" is spelt with an "O".

Cybertiger said...

"Another riproaring contribution to the debate from the mad medico of Flitwick ..."

I really dispair of jonny geophysical's debating skils and his pafetic sense of humor

John The Geophysicist said...

I wasn't aware that we had ever debated anything so no real need for you to despair.

To be honest your debating skills (at least on this blog) leave much to be desired. They seem to consist primarily of calling everybody stupid, tits or tossers (or indeed all three).

I do not know if you have made more cogent arguments elsewhere but have a feeling I might know the answer.

And (as I said before) that is more depressing than anything else given your professional status and presumed ability to contribute to any medical discussion.

Or is the MB an abbreviation of "Mostly Bollocks" because that is the level of your postings.

Cybertiger said...

"Mostly Bollocks"

'geophysical-johnny' comes to Becky's loony-blog-site for some scientific debate. How sad!

John The Geophysicist said...

Well I would be extremely hard pressed to get any sort of scientific debate with you tigger.

I applaud Becky's determination to highlight the foolishness of most of the JABS site debate. Here is a cracking example from yesterday:

""""Occam Ye to Big Pharma eh! antibiotics “cheap as chips” puff!puff ! Forgot as you belive , for it to be the truth it has to have CDC,DOH,.GOV.FDC stamped on it as for WHALE the Whale site dosent write the publications only makes them available to be read most of the articles are written by very well renowned specialist doctors in there fields..""""

People like Becky, the Black Duck, Millipede, Occam etc provide sensible debate on matters of extreme importance with profound health implications (something I assume would be close to your heart - or at least your professional interests).

Cybertiger said...

Becky, ducky, creepy-crawly and Occam's razor ... "provide sensible debate on matters of extreme importance with profound health implications ... "

Johnny .. you cannot be serious ... you pompous prat ...

Brpwrdnsfrnzy said...

Well, admittedly it's not much of a debate when all you can do is make up schoolboy nicknames for people Cybertiger. If you're so sure people are talking rubbish, why not put them straight? Or is it that you can't because you know they're right?

Cybertiger said...

"... why not put them straight?"

Tricky - I suspect you're a big dick with Peyronies disease. Major surgery might work ... or you could just chop it off.

John The Geophysicist said...

Unwittingly the Mad Medic gave me a good laugh (and this thread stared out rude so I might as well carry on in that vein).

Having no idea (but having a good guess) as to what Peyronies disease was I looked it up in the Miasmic Herald (a.k.a Google).

I assumed it was a knob problem and lo and behold it is. It could probably best be described as "bent knob syndrome".

What made me laugh is the following:

"Medication and supplements:

Many oral treatments have
been studied"

Must have been interesting research.