Thursday, 16 October 2008

Drinking from the cup of Gus

Looks like Cybertiger and Gus are now regular drinking buddies. This man´s allegedly a DOCTOR for crying out loud! What on earth is he talking about?

The pharmacovigilant operative, passionate about drug safety, knows nothing about statins … so defends them to the hilt by tying himself in the silliest of semantic knots. Guff like this can’t be made up: you are a weird creature, tom puff!

PS. I thought you weren’t talking to me, so "contemptible" I be.

It´s official - he´s a cock.

1 comment:

millipede said...

Dr. Tigger combines two of his obsessions in this post, Anthony Cox and Statins.

I'm waiting for the uber cybertigger post where he mentions Dr. Roy Meadow, Anthony Cox Ph.D, statins, Ben Goldacre and tits.