Saturday, 4 October 2008

To quote from a Toy Dolls album:

"We're MAD!" I was going to slow down a bit after yesterday's bumper crop of buffoonery, and do an "admin" kind of post. You know: "Thanks for reading, here's what's changed in the last couple of months… etc". I was going to. Then I read this, the latest installment in the "I want to be as mad as Gus The Fuss" wars, from Truth Seeker.

My mistake its 0.5mg per dose of highly toxix reactive aluminium, not 0.5g.
However as most kids have fluoride this will ensure it passes the blood brain barrier.

At some point, Mr Seeker's brain appears to have leaked out of his ears, as he clearly has less than one µclue about, well, anything. "Kids have fluoride"? That's possibly the most meaningless string of words I've read since, oh… last night.


Cybertiger said...

"We're MAD!"

You're potty, Becky ... with an evil streak ... the devil streaker ... who gets her tits out in the pub ... hahahahaha ... wicked, wicked!!!!

troubledjoe said...

He types pretty well one handed doesn't he ?

Cybertiger said...

"He types pretty well one handed doesn't he ?"

I see that 'joe the troubled tosser' is back ... wicked ...