Friday, 3 October 2008

It's the monkey viruses!

I mentioned Rosemary a while ago, and her obsession with monkey viruses altering people's DNA while they sleep. Here's a perfect example. What, for JABS anyway, would seem to be a perfectly reasonable post - a cut and paste about the United Reformed Church in the USA questioning the need for mercury in vaccines - led, in eight posts, to this fine example of utter bonkersness.

So benefits of vaccination?
i don't know of any....mainly because I am aware how much damage is being caused by the vaccines, especially the vaccine viruses, and contaminants like the animal viruses [retroviruses] that have been transmitted via the vaccines.

Therefore how can there be ANY? Benefits of vaccination?

We now have 1000's of endogenous retroviruses transmitted via vaccines sitting in our genome causing chronic diseases.
Diseases that we never had to worry about before vaccination !
Diseases that have been created by vaccination.

With all these changes to our DNA, it's odd that we've not regressed in two generations to a state of mumbling idiocity, with no more self-awareness than a haversack. (Although some posters on JABS seem to be evidence for the theory that this has in fact already happened.)

For those who may be a little worried about these DNA altering viruses, the only person in the world who's ever claimed to have identified them is Dr John Martin, of the "Centre For Complex Infectious Diseases" - a website that, surprisingly, sells treatments to reverse the DNA mutations. In other words, a grade-A nutter and con man. Rosemary appears to be the only person in the world who believes him.


Cybertiger said...

"... it's odd that we've not regressed in two generations to a state of mumbling idiocity ..."

... but you're proof of that pudding, becky.

Becky said...

I think you'll find that I made that joke in the post itself. At least try to be original, Dr Struthers.