Monday, 20 October 2008

Rosemary's theory on AIDS

As I've pointed out before, Rosemary believes anything she reads on the internet regarding gene mutation. Now she's trying to convince the world that HIV is a genetic condition, after she's read "some research" that "proves" it. No link to the research of course, or any mention of its credentials…

Just recently I was given access to some research which proves that this particular genetic mutation is also associated with and can result in a HIV infection.

So I shall be providing the exact details of the function of this gene and mutated protein because as a parent of an affected child who has this neurodegenerative condition I would like some answers ???????

I would like to know the ORIGINS OF THIS GENE ? and WHY ? these children have ended up inheriting this mutated gene...particularly why they have ended up with a gene that results in a HIV infection ??


John The Geophysicist said...

Life is far too short to check out where this drivel came from.

Is she saying her kid has HIV or is she referring to some other illness which will end up giving the kid HIV (presumably from the genetically modified monkey viruses these people seem scared of).

Surely the V bit in HIV is the giveaway here.

Just recently I was given access to some research which proves that this particular person is an idiot.

millipede said...

Its hard to know what poor Rosemary is claiming. She was previously claiming that her son had vaccine induced polio, which if true would seem easy to verify and surely would be eligible for compensation.

She has got on to the stealth virus gambit, and stealth viruses are obviously from vaccines, at least according to Rosemary.

Now she appears to be claiming her son has genetic HIV.

John The Geophysicist said...


You know more about the background to people like Gus and Rosemary than I do.

I recognise that they have tragic circumstances. Deaths, autism, polio etc are clearly individual tragedies that I would never mock.

However, I do feel free to mock the general level of idiocy displayed by these people (and by so many others in so many other fields).

A pretty good rule in life is the shut up if you have no idea what you are talking about.

Unfortunately the internet drove a coach and horses through that rule and we now have millions of people wilfully misusing/abusing the information they find online.

I have diddly squat medical training but I am convinced that you cannot get the HIV virus from a vaccine. I know you can get it from a hypodermic needle obviously but I just do not believe that the live HIV virus can survive in a vaccine.

I understood that viruses did not last long outside of a host.

Now I might be wrong about this and (unlike a lot of jabbophobes) I am more than happy for someone to tell me I am wrong.

Becky said...

Quite. For those who have disabled children, I have enormous amounts of sympathy. However, when they start using what's supposedly a support forum to spout dangerous quack medical views, or to parrot utter rubbish found elsewhere to people who may be researching vaccines - as thanks to idiots like Wakefield and The Daily Mail, people do have doubts - they need to be put right, and sympathy for their personal position doesn't enter into it. I tried to do that on the JABS forum, always politely, and was eventually banned. Hence this blog - ridicule is possibly the most effective way of making people think a little more carefully about what they're saying. I've noticed a drop in the number of *really* stupid posts lately, and an increase in cut-n-paste features about autism from other websites. Hopefully this will be an ongoing trend.

millipede said...

The general attitude of Jabs and other health sites like wddty is indicative of what Colquhoun called the "the great endarkenment".

The belief in anything, no matter how ridiculous, as long as it doesn't involve any evidence.

Mock their views by all means, but remember quite often the poster is a person who has suffered a great tragedy.

Of course that doesn't apply to cybertigger.