Friday, 31 October 2008

Not *that* open-minded then?

Continuing from the theme below, FionaS has made the perfect JABS post, a post which explains exactly why the site shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone looking for medical advice about vaccines.

Most of the posters on the site claim to spend a lot of time "researching", with "open minds", "weighing up" the "evidence". All sounds very scientific and laudable so far. Most of this research is done on whack-job alt-health sites like "What Doctors Don't Tell You", yet as soon as they come across a piece from a reputable news source - in this case the BBC - which doesn't fit with their pre-conceived ideas, they start spouting this kind of nonsense:

Also this could be a hot lot. It is either really rubbish journalism or economy with the truth to not mention this in the article.

I think this is another effort to erode our right to informed consent when it comes to medical procedures administered to our children.

So, perhaps not quite as open minded as they'd like to think.

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