Monday, 15 February 2010

Armed insurrection by loonies!

A question has been posted on JABS;

What are your plans if vaccines become compulsory?

An interesting question, and, if JABS didn't ban all dissenting voices, one which could provoke an interesting discussion. However, Divastrop has a better idea. Rather than discuss the issues, just KILL 'EM ALL!!

I think we the people would have to rise up and overthrow the government if that happened!
It would be totally against human rights, and I would hope that the UN or somebody would get involved otherwise there would be civil war and I don't think I'm being OTT in saying that

Actually, Miss Strop, I think you are going perhaps a teeny bit OTT…


JDM said...

This site is also the top goggle hit for: cybertiger is a cock.

Well done!

millipede said...

JABS really has become quite dull since they started moderating comments. I expected more frothing at the mouth about Wakefield and the GMC and his resignation from thoughtful house but it has been fairly quiet. It would be nice to think they have had their day.

Occam said...

Guss balls down full on tirade, just like the good ol days

Becky said...

@Occam: Good grief - they're really going for it over there. Makes me wonder how many foaming Gus posts Jackie Fletcher has moderated away! :-)

JABS is really dull these days - just reposts of AoA and the odd newspaper piece. Looks like it's dying on its arse.