Wednesday, 22 September 2010

You'd think John Stone would be pro-vaccine, really...

Given that John "Cock" Stone is a self-proclaimed expert on Mozart, and given what he's written about him, you'd expect him to realise that most of the vaccine-preventable diseases can be extremely nasty - and are potentially fatal. Indeed, according to Stone himself, writing in "The Mozart Compendium" (quote from

John Stone writing in ‘The Mozart Compendium’ lists eleven serious
illnesses which wracked our brother’s short life. The first, in 1762, was
scarlet fever. Bro Mozart was only four. The following year he suffered two
infantile bouts of rheumatic fever. He had whooping cough, when he nearly
suffocated, typhoid, smallpox, hepatitis, and several bouts of rheumatic fever,
among other illnesses.

He now tagteams with Clifford Miller, claiming that so-called "childhood illnesses" are mostly harmless.

What a twat.

Ref: STONE,JOHN, Mozart’s illnesses and death in The
Mozart Compendium
(H.C. Robbins Landon ed.),
London: Thames and Hudson, 1990

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Anonymous said...

That was 1762 idiot. Life changes. The roads are now the biggest threat to our kids. Even in the 1970's epidemic of whooping cough in Scotland, there were no fatalities. Are you even educated? Can you do maths? How about history? Do you know what chance statistically you have from dying from measles? 3 people died in 18 years in uk out of 60,000,000. No permanent injuries reported, otherwise it would be all over the news. All 3 with underlying conditions. 50 fatalities before vaccination, but the number was decreasing every year through lifestyle changes. Again, mostly the immune impaired. So how is the jibberish coming out of your mouth relavant in 2010?