Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oh, the irony

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I was going to title this post "Jake Crosby is an arsehole", but at the last moment was distracted by a comment of JB Handley's at Age of Autism. (Where else?)

Firstly, Jake "Arsehole" Crosby is bleating that he's been thrown out of a conference for asking what he sees as awkward questions of Seth Mnookin, author of "The Panic Virus". I suspect he was just being an arsehole - but I'd like to see the video footage. However, this is published at Age Of Autism, the online chip-wrapper which praises conferences like Autism One. That's right - Autism One, the organisers of which got seven armed policemen/security guards to throw two anti-anti-vax bloggers out. So, it's OK to do that, but not OK to ask Jake Crosby to leave because he's being deliberately disruptive? (Having read Jake's account of the incident, that's the only conclusion I can come to - that he was deliberately being an arsehole in order to provoke, and, ideally, get thrown out in order to write about it at AoA.)

So, that's why I was going to title this post "Jake Crosby is an arsehole". However, as I said, JB Handley popped up with this gem, which pretty much defines the word "irony".

My heart hurts for parents and families who have had their lives destroyed by idiots masquerading as experts.

Well, quite. Would you like me to list them JB? Actually, just go to Age Of Autism, and hover your mouse over the "Contributors" link in the menu bar. Evil fuckers.


Chris said...

There is a video of him doing his long winded tirade with Fiona Godlee linked to in this article: The perils of engaging the public. It is a bit near the end.

Becky said...

He really is an arsehole...

Chris said...

Apparently he is in a graduate Master's of Public Health program that does not require a thesis, so he avoids having his bombastic behavior seen by a committee. Though when he graduates, no public health department will hire him, but he may have a job waiting for him at the National Vaccine misInformation Company, Age of Autism, SafeMinds or Generation Rescue.

With luck his wings will be clipped quicker than the Geiers.

Chris said...

I am sure you did not miss how young Crosby's wings were clipped in the video posted here. Apparently he resented being called a "stalker" by claiming he only took public transit to the talk. Except he was not the person invited to speak to that particular audience.