Friday, 6 July 2012

Age of Autism - you owe me a new irony meter...

…as you appear to have blown up my last one with this rather splendid little snippet:

As the back to school vaccination push continues, we'd like to remind readers that common childhood diseases that you can now delay and/or make worse later in life courtesy of pediatric vaccination were considered benign even as far back as the dark ages of the 1990s. Fear and self-doubt sells. It sells mouthwash: "Do YOU have halitosis?" Feminine hygiene spray: "Do you sometimes feel less than 'fresh?'" And hair coloring: "Dad, it's time to start dating again, don't you think you should color your hair?"

Let's just read a bit of that again…

Fear and self-doubt sells.

BANG! - there goes another one.

Yes. That's your entire modus operandi, isn't it? Spread unfounded fear and doubt about the safety of vaccines, promote quack therapies, take the advertising money for those therapies, and laugh all the way to the bank while children get sick and die from vaccine preventable diseases - because of you.

Yes - in your case, fear and doubt certainly sell. You bastards.

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