Monday, 10 December 2012

Dan Olmsted - a man with no sense of irony

Dan Olmsted has posted this at Age of Autism:

One of the guilty pleasures of covering the autism story lo these many years is to witness the spectacle of arrogant, ignorant "experts" weighing in on the issue -- supposedly on the side of science, or, as they often think of it, Science -- and making absolute blithering fools of themselves.

Rather splendidly, he's inadvertently posted this on a page that includes a couple of lists of arrogant, ignorant "experts" who frequently make absolute blithering fools of themselves.

They're at the top, in the menu bar. One list is Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill, Kim Stagliano. The other can be seen by simply moving your mouse over the "contributors" link in the menu. Bingo.

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Chris said...

Thanks for this. I am now off to read the Washington Post blogger. If Olmsted hates Ms. Petri, she must actually be someone worth reading.

And it is a fun read. She even links to the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait (well, he is writing for an online outlet of the WaPo). I think the part that Olmsted hated was this:
Too bad. We are having a hearing about it. Next there will be a hearing about “How To Keep The Dragon Smaug From Ravaging Your Village” and “Will The High Costs Of Troll Health Care Prove To Be A Hidden Tax?” Frankly, I wish we were having those hearings. They at least would not be actively dangerous, perpetuating a harmful misconception that continues to endanger the lives of babies.