Thursday, 27 May 2010

Very, very quiet

It's gone remarkably quiet at JABS since Andrew Wakefield's erasure from the medical register. Nothing on the forum - and the forum has been updated since the verdict. Neither is there anything on the front page of the site bleating about it.

John "Cock" Stone showed his face over at Bad Science for a while, and left with a flea in his ear after his usual approach of ignoring the relevant facts (misconduct, unethical behaviour, lying etc) and trying to big up the odd sentence that doesn't entirely discredit Wakefield's research (when the rest of the document the quote is pulled from roundly discredits it). Bad Science is a bad place to try that, populated, as it is, by people who tend to look out original sources of information, and point out inaccuracies or misleading statements.

(He also showed up in the comments section of The Guardian's "Comment Is Free" - but he's not posted anything on JABS. I suspect he thinks it's beneath him now he's got a job as UK lapdog to the morons at Age of Autism.)

But I digress…

You'd think that the JABS ranters would be up in arms, but nope - nothing. Maybe this is a good sign. Perhaps Jackie Fletcher has finally realised that "Saint" Andy is nothing but a charlatan, and is quietly phasing the organisation out.

I hope so - she'll be a very brave woman if she does so.

With any luck this sorry tale is now over, and the world can get back to preventing lethal diseases without the bunch of gobshites we've had to put up with since Andrew Wakefield let loose his lies and drivel.

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millipede said...

Yes the silence is deafening. I do like this comment in one of the posts before the GMC announcement.

In light of the improprieties of the Legal Services Commission and GMC, it is hoped that the panel in Wakefield's case will be discharged pending a full inquiry.