Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Vile opportunism

Aasa (a name which I suspect is simply a misspelling of "arsehole") has posted a link to a very sad story, under the heading "Another Tragedy" - given the context, the JABS website, clearly implying "Another vaccination tragedy".

A mother has been charged with killing her severely disabled and autistic son. If she has (and it's not been shown that she has), she must have been at her wits end - I feel nothing but sympathy for her; few of us can imagine the stresses she's been under for years.

However, this has nothing to do with vaccination. It's not mentioned in the story, it's not implied anywhere, except in the twisted mind of Aasa, who sees fit to post it on JABS, suggesting that there's some link, and co-opting this poor woman's grief for his/her own twisted ends - suggesting to impressionable parents who are pointed towards JABS as a support group that this is how they could end up.

Vile, vile people.

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