Wednesday, 3 August 2011

CoMeD press release officially "a load of bollocks"

I'd not come across CoMeD (The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs) before. It's an anti-vaccine site which seems to be run by those chemical castrators, the Geiers. I was drawn to its existance by The Bolen Report, a site run by Tim Bolen, self-styled consumer advocate and all round supporter of rabid conspiracy theories. He ought to use the phrase "Nothing Too Mental!" as a strapline. (Go on Tim - you can have that for free.)

It seems that the United Nations has released a document entitled "New draft text for a comprehensive and suitable approach to a global legally binding instrument on mercury".

Here are its stated objectives:

Option 1: The objective of this Convention is to protect human health and the environment from
anthropogenic releases of mercury and its compounds [by minimizing, and where feasible ultimately
eliminating, global anthropogenic mercury releases to air, water and land].
Option 2: The objective of this Convention is to minimize, and ultimately to prevent any potential
adverse effects on human health and the environment from, exposure to the release of mercury and its
compounds by facilitating information dissemination and exchange and the employment of risk
reduction strategies [including the environmentally sound management of mercury throughout its life
cycle], through financial and technical cooperation, taking into account the relevant principles of the
Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, including principles 6, 7, 15 and 16

All pretty sensible - after all, no-one can argue that the release of mercury into the atmosphere is a good thing, right?

The Geiers' press release has it a little differently;

SILVER SPRING, Md., August 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – CoMeD – On Friday, July
22, 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) distributed a revised text for its
comprehensive global treaty on mercury. Advocates for mercury-free drugs were gratified to see
pharmaceuticals listed in “Annex C (Mercury-added product not allowed)” of the proposed treaty.
The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) helped initiate this addition through its advocacy
efforts at the United Nations (UN) negotiations held in Chiba, Japan in January 2011. CoMeD
President Rev. Lisa Sykes, the mother of a son diagnosed with vaccine-related mercury poisoning,
described to representatives of over 150 participating nations how: “… unnecessarily injecting
mercury into pregnant women and children, as part of a vaccine or other drug, is an ongoing and
often unrecognized crisis.

It then goes into a long anti-vax rant.

The document I linked to above is, handily, in pdf format, which makes it searchable. Not once does it mention any of the following words: "Geier", "CoMeD", "Vaccine", "inject", "injection", "drug", "drugs", "autism", or any word containing the letters "thim".

So it's got fuck all to do with vaccines, fuck all to do with drugs, fuck all to do with CoMeD, fuck all to do with evil bastards like the Geiers and fuck all to do with "vaccine damage".


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Katie said...

Why have I never found this website before? it's brilliant! I recently had a looong FB discussion with one of the NZ JABS loonies. I hadn't heard of them before, but now have. She was semi-literate, and mad as a balloon. here's an example: "I suggest them you watch how you come across. you might think iot is ok to ignore what is happening to pepole right in front of their eyes.. and to others. just because a study does n't say... YES, this or thats fact doesn't mean it is not happpening. brain injury from vacc isn't proven either way as a great many other things. brain assults that show straight after vaccination are happening and the symptoms that appear with them point to post vaccine encephaolpathys. even SOME medical people debate the exsistance of encephalopathy EXISITING unless it supports a reason for a drug or media attention in the case of a disease. example is mad cow!"