Tuesday, 26 July 2011

John Stone, conspiracy theorist

John "Cock" Stone has posted another splendid comment on Age of Autism. In response to this;

Personally, I no longer believe this is about the personal integrity of Brian Deer .. nor .. the veracity of all Deer has written or alleged…

Stone replies:

It was always about the British establishment (and whoever lay behind them) being prepared to allow his extravagant and what should have been highly embarrassing performance to continue unimpeded.

The British Establishment and whoever lay behind them?

Come on then John, who's behind the British Establishment? The Bilderberg Group? The New World Order? The Illuminati? David Icke's Lizard People?

He runs further away from the sane/mental divide every time he puts finger to keyboard.

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Brian Morgan said...

The tone of comments on AoA has shifted, now suggesting that Brian Deer's methods were illegal rather than unethical. What concerns me also, reading AoA from the UK, is the strident anti-democratic tone of messages, labelling one Act under discussion as "Marxism", and linking the uncovering of unethical research to Pyromania? This is from someone called "Media Scholar" no less.

Don't AoA and their agents have a conflict of interest, being sponsored by companies whose trade in "health care" products benefits from what is published and read there?